Using vertical space to solve your storage woes.

Posted on Jun 30 2014 - 11:16am by Garret Stembridge

??????????????????????Using vertical space can be the key to solving your storage woes. Use your space efficiently by hanging things wherever possible. Here are some airborne ideas for every room.

Living room: Books and media can be stored in wall-mounted racks and shelves. Magazine racks also look nice on the wall. Some of them, like those with wide baskets, can be used to keep all manner of other things. Of course hooks near the door can hang sweaters, coats, and keys.

Bedroom: If you have no closet, there are many other ways to hang things in your bedroom. For example, dangle a rod from the ceiling or attach one to some vertical bars to make an open-air closet. Or you can opt for a rolling garment rack or invest in a wall-mounted shelving system that includes some bars for hanging clothes.

Bathroom: Of course the bathroom lends itself well to hanging storage solutions. Towel racks usually come standard, as do hooks of various kinds for towels and robes. It’s worth looking at the wide variety of towel racks available, though; you might be able to use your space more efficiently or elegantly. You can hang other things too; for example, a folding stepstool can find a home on the back of the door.

Kitchen: Hanging storage is a perennial kitchen space-saver. You’re probably familiar with many options: hanging fruit baskets and pot racks, wall-mounted spice racks and towel hooks. Less well-known solutions include wall-mounted pegboards à la Julia Childs and homemade utensil racks. Get creative and make a multi-purpose hanging rack out of a garden trellis or a pot rack out of an old runner sled.

Garage: The garage is the place where hanging storage can make the most difference. Set up a pulley pallet system to hold a whole bunch of stuff way up high. Any kind of sports equipment can be stored in its own specialized rack on the wall or ceiling, such as this one for a bicycle or this one for a kayak.

What is your favorite hanging storage solution? How do you use hanging storage in creative or unexpected ways?