6 Tips for Moving Out of the House Quickly

Posted on Jun 27 2014 - 3:14pm by David Decker

6 Tips for Moving Out of the House QuicklyMoving can sometimes come at an unexpected time with a quick turnaround. Maybe your landlord has given you last minute notice. Or you’re moving for the job of a lifetime. Whatever the reason, here are some ways to help you move out of your place fast.

1. Have One Box for Important Contact Information
Your records should be in a central place, because you’ll be spending a lot of time changing your address on credit card accounts, bank statements, bills, and more.

2. Buy Multiple Scissors and Tape Rolls
You’ll be going from room to room wondering where you last left these supplies unless you buy enough that you can keep them in multiple areas. It’ll save you time searching.

3. Don’t Put Heavy Items All Together
A box of only books will be nearly impossible to carry alone, plus it has an increased chance of breaking. Mix your books or plates with lighter items like pillows.

4. Look Up Storage

You may have to stay somewhere temporary for some time. Or maybe the place you’re going is smaller, and you can’t part with some of your things. Whatever, the situation, try finding storage in order to keep your possessions safe.

5. Plan for Your Pets

Dogs and cats can get away from you, so make sure they’re tagged and put in a proper carrier. You can let them out once you’re in a safe, enclosed space with them.

6. Form An Assembly Line

It’s easier to master one task than to go back and forth between multiple ones. Assign everyone specific parts of the process. One person packs, another moves the box, and another puts it in the truck.

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