7 Important Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Posted on Jun 25 2014 - 4:23pm by David Decker

Moving Truck TipsA moving truck is probably the biggest automobile you’ll ever have to operate (unless that dream of driving a Monster Truck really does come true). While you’re moving or storing your stuff, make sure you follow these key tips for driving a moving truck.

1. Double check that everything is secure.
Balance the truck’s cargo weight so that your prized possessions don’t shift around. Then, make sure you’ve locked and padlocked the back of the truck.

2. Get familiar with the controls.
Is it stick shift or automatic? How do you work the radio and A/C? What are the windshield wiper settings? These are all questions you should learn the answer to by tinkering around before you set off down the road.

3. Know your clearance.
Memorize exactly how high your truck is so that you’ll always be able to judge whether or not you can effectively pass under garage ceilings or bridges. When in doubt, be cautious and avoid going under.

4. Understand your blind spots.
Because you’re more elevated, your truck has more drastic blind spots. Make sure that you’re always checking your mirrors and giving plenty of warning with your blinker when you change lanes or make a turn.

5. Plan for gas refills.
Allow for longer time pulling into the gas station. Check which side the tank opening is on and find a gas station with proper clearance.

6. Watch out for “curbing.”
Trucks need to make wider turns than you’re probably used to with your car. Make sure to have plenty of space to turn and go slower than you would normally so that you avoid damaging the tires against curbs (what we call “curbing”).

7. Back up the truck for easy unloading.
If you have drive-up storage, try positioning your truck’s opening near your unit. If it’s too tricky to back up in reverse, approach the entrance from the side.