5 Moving Tips We Learned From Movies

Posted on Jun 18 2014 - 5:23pm by David Decker

As we welcome the start of summer, there’s so much to look forward to: trips to the beach, new movies at the box office, and (quite possibly) a big move. We went through our film collections and found a few lessons about packing and storage.

Here are five moving tips we learned from movies.


1. The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy had the Yellow Brick Road; now we’re told: “Just follow the GPS.” But you don’t want to find yourself saying, “Uh oh, we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Always have a back-up plan. Double-check multiple mapping sites, or better yet, ask a local who knows the area.


2. Indiana Jones

Let’s be honest: The Ark of the Covenant was not stored properly. If you don’t have room for some of your family heirlooms (or, say, ancient artifacts wanted by villains), make sure to keep them safe and sound in a storage unit.

3. Skyfall

If you’re going to your home behind for more than a decade, it might be a good idea not to just put sheets over the furniture like James Bond did at his Skyfall estate. He may have a license to kill, but the guy’s not too smart when it comes to avoiding sun or flood damage while he’s away.

4. Transformers

Sure, vehicle destruction is pretty awesome to watch on the big screen…but not so much in real life. Whether saving the world or transporting you to your destination, make sure you have your car covered. Avoid damage with insurance and vehicle storage.

5. Toy Story

While your childhood toys would surely love to have an epic adventure, you wouldn’t want any to escape along the move. Make sure to pack with proper storage supplies and secure your boxes.