7 Things Dad Has in His Man Cave

Posted on Jun 9 2014 - 8:00am by Dayna Hathaway

When there’s extra space in the house, how does Dad want to make use of it? With a room of his own, of course.

In honor of Father’s Day (and perhaps for a few gift ideas), here are the top seven things that can be found in a man cave:

1. Bar
He’s not just a bartender, he’s a bar master.

Dad's Mancave Bar








2. Power Tools
He is man, hear him roar!

Dad's Mancave Power Tools






3. Record Collection
From AC/DC to Zappa, he’s got it all.

Dad's Mancave Record Collection






4. Classic Cars
The Corvette is in storage (or just in his dreams), but the model cars are on display.

Dad's Mancave Classic Car






5. Entertainment System
Who needs the movie theater?

Dad's Mancave Entertainment System





6. Sports Memorabilia
Every trophy has a story. (That you’ve heard maybe once or twice…)

Dad's Mancave Sports Memorabilia






7. All The Ties You Gave Him Over The Years
He’s starting to think he needs an extra storage unit for them. Seriously.

Dad's Mancave Ties