To you, it looks like an attic filled with junk; to an artist, it’s a masterpiece waiting to happen. To you, it looks like a bunch of storage boxes; to an artist, it’s beautifully organized chaos. For a bit of creative inspiration, here are four artists who have created with clutter.

1. Michael Johansson

Clutter Artwork - Michael Johansson








Tetris meets your storage unit.


2. Ursus Wehrli

Artwork Clutter - Ursus Wehrli

Artwork Clutter 2 - Ursus Wehrli







Ah, that’s better. If you’ve ever thought daily life was too disorganized, you’ll be relieved to see everyday objects sorted by size, color, and shape.


3. Michelangeo Pistoletto

Clutter Artwork - Michelangeo Pistoletto







That pile of clothes on your floor doesn’t seem so massive anymore, does it?


4. Song Dong

Hoarding Artwork - Song Dong






One woman’s hoarding is another woman’s treasure.