How To Move Your Vehicle Long-distance

Posted on May 28 2014 - 4:00pm by Michael James

3981191542_d9c43a0d6c_zIf you’re moving a long way, what to do with your car can be one of the trickier things to figure out.

What you decide will depend on factors like whether you have a moving allowance from an employer, how much your car is worth, how much you like your car, and how much hassle you’re willing to undertake.

Here are your three main options:

  1. Sell your car on one side of the move and buy a new one on the other.
gareth1953 via flickr

gareth1953 via flickr

Selling your car is the best choice if your car isn’t worth enough to bother moving.

Choosing this option requires enduring the hassle of selling a vehicle when preparing to move and buying a vehicle after having just arrived.

Rentals cars provide a solution when in between cars, however, arranging for such is another headache to add to the already stressful time of moving.

The major upside of this option—aside from saving shipping fees—is finally getting the car you really want.

  1. Have your car shipped to your destination on a truck.

Having your car shipped on a truck is a good choice if you want to keep your car and prefer to avoid the wear and tear, added mileage, and risk of having a stranger drive it.

dno1967b via flickr

dno1967b via flickr

A huge array of companies will try to nab your business, and fraud is rife in this sector, so be wary and do plenty of research and due diligence.

Trusted moving companies can often refer you to their car shippers of choice, and review sites like can alert you to shady operators.

Once you’ve decided on a shipper, you’ll have to choose whether to have the car shipped on an open car carrier or in an enclosed truck. The latter is more expensive and probably only worthwhile for particularly expensive or cherished vehicles.

  1. Have your car driven to your destination.
Kyle May via flickr

Kyle May via flickr

Having your car driven across is the most economical option if you don’t want to sell.

It will be particularly economical if you can find a friend or acquaintance who wants a means of cheap one-way travel. You can find such a person using a craigslist classified as well, but the risks might not be worth the savings.

A safer bet is hiring a company to do “drive away” service. The most prominent of these operators is Auto Driveaway, a national company that arranges qualified, one-way drivers for a cost about half of trucking.

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  1. Caleb August 8, 2014 at 7:24 pm -

    You can have your card shipped. In some cases a moving company can help tow your car behind a moving truck.