Get Storage on Memorial Day – Others Are Doing It

What comes to mind when you think of Memorial Day? For me, I think about fishing on the Snake River, BBQs with the family, and relaxing. Others think about being productive, cleaning the house, and gardening. But what may surprise you is the fact that every year tens of thousands of people think about self-storage on Memorial Day.

Historically, Memorial Day is one of the biggest days of the year for self-storage. For Extra Space Storage, it was the 75th busiest day of the year in 2013, ranking it in the top 25% for the year. The weekend itself is usually the second or third busiest weekend of the year for us and here’s why:

Bye Bye Winter
Come Memorial Day, you’re most likely not going to need that snow blower any more. Those scarves and ear muffs need not be worn for many months. Memorial Day weekend is a great time to take your winter items and tuck them away in storage until needed again next winter.

A lot of schools close around Memorial Day. Many families plan their moves around the school year to avoid interruptions in schoolwork and schedules. Many graduating high school seniors are moving out while college students are coming home for the summer. Self-storage is a necessity for many of these students.

No one likes working in the rain right? How about moving in the rain? Didn’t think so. Memorial Day weekend tends to have great weather in a variety of different climates.

Day Off
Many people get Memorial Day off from work. Rather than using one of your limited (and precious) vacation days, this free day off provides the perfect opportunity to move your stuff into a storage unit.

Whether you’re moving into a storage unit or chilling with your friends, we wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend and express our gratitude to our veterans and the men and women who protect and serve our country.