Hooray, you’re moving! (Aaaack, you’re moving!) Don’t fret. Organize a stress-free move by breaking it down into manageable tasks. Here’s your handy, step-by-step guide to moving day.

3 Months Before

❏     Budget moving expenses.

❏     Research moving company options.

❏     Create a moving file to keep track of everything: estimates, receipts, and an inventory of what you’re moving.


2 Months Before

❏     Compile dental, medical, shot, and prescriptions records.

❏     Ask doctors for referrals in your new area.

❏     Arrange to have school and veterinary records transferred.

❏     Contact gyms and organizations to have memberships cancelled or transferred.

❏     Decide how you will be moving your valuables (either certified mail or carry with you).

❏     Go through each room and sort what you’d like to keep and what can go.

❏     Order packing supplies: boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and permanent markers.

❏     Plan a garage sale, if necessary.

❏     Take measurements in your new home.

❏     Decide on your move date.


1 Month Before

❏     Choose your mover and confirm your reservation.

❏     Begin packing items that you don’t use often. Label with each room of the home.

❏     Start using up the last of the items that can’t be moved (i.e. frozen foods and bleach).

❏     File a change of address with the Postal Service.

❏     Notify utility services: electric, water, gas, telephone, cable, internet, trash collection.

❏     Make travel arrangements for your pets.

❏     Plan how to transport your plants.

❏     Notify subscriptions services of your move.

❏     Plan meals for the last couple of weeks to use perishable food.

❏     Arrange to take off work on moving day.


1 Week Before

❏     Confirm arrangements again with your moving company.

❏     Stock up on any prescriptions you’ll need in the next few weeks.

❏     Pack your suitcases with enough clothes to wear for the next few days.

❏     Drain gas and oil from equipment and water from hoses.


1-3 Days Before

❏     Empty and defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours before the move.

❏     Double-check details with the moving company, including arrival time and directions to your new home.

❏     Plan form of payment to the moving company.


Moving Day

❏     Verify that the moving truck that shows up is the one from the moving company you hired.

❏     Place carpet, floor, and door frame protectors throughout the home.

❏     Load your items in a predesignated order.

❏     Check every room one last time before leaving.

❏     Leave a note with your address so that future residents can forward any mail to your new home.

❏     Before the movers leave, sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep a copy.



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  1. Love these advices! i am going to move to Paris next year and I should find a good moving company which will help me to move my stuff abroad. Wish me luck!

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