Taking Your Car or Boat Out of Storage

Posted on Apr 18 2014 - 9:21pm by Garret Stembridge

If you live in a cold climate, putting your car or boat into storage makes good sense. Hopefully you performed careful maintenance before storing your vehicle so as to ensure that it remained in good condition.


Even if you did take steps to store your vehicle properly, it’s important to perform a few inspections when the time comes to take your car or boat out of the storage unit. Following these simple tips can help prevent damage caused by trying to drive (or transport) a damaged vehicle:


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  1. Your car may have a musty smell after a long storage, open all the windows and let it air out while you perform other inspections.
  2. De-winterize your car by doing things like removing cloths from pipes and reattaching your battery. The de-winterization process will involve undoing the protective measures that you took when originally putting your car into storage.
  3. Check fluid levels.
  4. Check under the car for evidence of leaks.
  5. If you like, use a car vacuum to spruce up the interior.



Taking Your Boat Out of Storage

  1. Perform a visual inspection on both the boat and the trailer, and take note potential leaks and anything that looks like damage. You may need to make repairs, it’s a good idea to know about issues before transporting your boat.
  2. Check your battery and electronics to make sure they are in good working order.
  3. Do what is necessary to de-winterize your engine. This may involve replacing the fluids and installing new spark plugs.
  4. Clean your boat thoroughly and be sure to polish wooden and metal exteriors.
  5. Check dates on both your boat’s registration as well as any safety equipment.  Don’t take your boat out onto the water until all of your safety equipment is up to date.


Care for the Storage Unit

After you take your car or boat out of storage, it’s a good idea to do some maintenance on your storage unit. This is particularly true if you placed mothballs or traps for mice or insects in the unit. Safely dispose of these items, dust away cobwebs and sweep the floor: Your unit will be in good condition and waiting for you at the end of the season.