Storing Your Cold-Weather Items

Posted on Apr 14 2014 - 10:53pm by Brent Hardy

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to make room for summer and move all that winter gear to storage. Don’t know where to start to kick the winter blues out of your home? Here’s how to best organize your winter items in your self-storage unit so everything stays neat and tidy until next winter:


Organize Your Clothes

First, organize your cold-weather clothes. Gather up your entire family’s supply of heavy coats, hats, scarves, mittens, snow pants and boots. Make sure to weed out any unused or worn out items before packing up your boxes. Then, place clothing into plastic totes or vacuum storage bags. You can group like items together or give each family member their own bin. Either way, be sure to label the boxes clearly for easy access in the fall.


Tackle the Tools

????????????????????????Now that all the winter weather finally is behind us, you won’t need that snow blower, shovel, or salt for quite some time. Pack up all your winter tools into large storage boxes or bins for storage. Next, gather all of your winter recreational equipment, such as sleds, ice skates, skis, and snowboards. Make sure to clean all of these supplies thoroughly before packing to ensure that they stay in tip-top condition over the summer.

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Say Sayonara to the Holidays

Lastly, you can say goodbye to the winter holidays. Pack up all of your decorations for Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day for seasonal storage, including lights, wreaths, décor, figurines and other trimmings. To keep things organized, group each holiday together and label the boxes clearly. When placing these boxes in your storage unit, keep in mind which holiday comes first and place those boxes toward the front. That way, you can easily grab those when the holiday rolls around again.


Make Room for Spring


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With all of your winter supplies out of the way, you can make way for spring and summer. Bring out all of your warm weather clothing, sandals, gardening supplies, springtime decorations, and backyard amusements. It’s the time of year to get outside and breathe in the fresh air!


Self-storage allows you to store what you don’t need during the off-time-of-year so you can usher in the new season clutter free.


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