Move Your Address Too

Posted on Apr 14 2014 - 5:42am by Garret Stembridge

Moving time is filled with excitement and tons of things to do! It’s very easy to put off moving your address along with your belongings. Yet, it’s best to get started on  address changes well before the moving date.

Like most people, I’ve been there. That is, I’ve sat down and worried over whether I remembered to notify everyone of my move. It’s one of the times in life when it certainly helps to have a list! With that in mind, I’ve created a checklist that can help make the address change process a bit easier.

Make sure your mail gets to your in your new home sweet home.  Image by Erika Smith on flickr

Make sure your mail gets to your in your new home sweet home.
Image by Erika Smith on flickr

Think of Everyone, and Then Some

These days, it seems we use more services and give out our address more frequently than ever before! While looking at a list of your monthly bills can certainly help jog your memory of those to inform of your move, there’s always a chance you’ll forget people or companies you don’t work with often. I’m hoping the list below will help you remember everyone, but do keep in mind that you may need to update your phone number in addition to your mailing address.

Utilities and Other Services 
You probably won’t forget essential services, but here’s a head’s up anyway! You really must update your information with the following companies or services: water, garbage, gas, electric, home phone, mobile phone, cable provider and Internet provider.

Financial Accounts 
Notify your banks, credit card companies, accountant, stockbroker, tax consultant, pension plans and any other financial institution that needs your information.

Home-related Accounts
If you’re moving, it’s likely your mortgage company already knows, but if you own multiple properties, don’t forget to update your information with all lenders, as well as home insurance and home warranties. In addition, notify the following companies: pest control, termite control (if separate from pest), lawn care, pool services and any other company or individual regularly performing work at your property.

No matter what your new mailbox looks like, you'll still want your mail!  Image by Kecko on flickr

No matter what your new mailbox looks like, you’ll still want your mail!
Image by Kecko on flickr

Healthcare Companies
Update your information with your health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term disability coverage and life insurance. Also inform your healthcare providers of your new address.

While you see your employer quite a bit, it’s still necessary for them to know your correct address. You’ll want your tax forms and other important information on time!

It’s very helpful to get those vehicle registration renewal letters in the mail, but it won’t happen if you don’t change your address with your vehicle registration office. Also update your driver’s license and your car insurance.

Voter Registration Office
You can always wait until it’s time to vote, but wouldn’t it be easier to update your information now so you’re sure you can vote when it’s time?

Personal and Professional Groups
In addition to updating your information with professional organizations where you hold a membership or license, also think about personal memberships, such as the gym.

When you complete a change of address form with the post office, they share your new address with the IRS, but you can still notify the IRS directly.

Friends and Family
Let your family and friends know where you landed. Send out change of address cards, or simply send an e-mail with your new information. If you want to keep up with your neighbors from your old neighborhood, don’t forget to include them too.

Reward Cards and Programs
If you use shopping reward cards to get discounts in store or online, or receive special offers by mail, update your information. Don’t forget about airline rewards programs.

Yes, there are many of us who still receive actual printed newspapers and magazines. Update your address with all printed subscriptions, plus any book or music clubs you use.

Veterinarians, pet insurance companies, groomers, boarding facilities and surviving pet care programs need your new information. If your pets have microchips, change your address with those companies too.

Rented Mailboxes
No matter where you rent your mailbox or P.O. box, make sure the company knows how to contact you.

It may seem like simple advice, but for an organized address change, you can’t skip the step of changing your address with the United States Post Office. It takes seven to 10 days to begin receiving your mail at your new address, but you can change your address with the USPS starting three months before your move. If you wait longer than 30 days after your move, the USPS won’t accept your request. While it’s nice to get a forwarded letter, don’t rely on it for very long. The forwarding order will expire after 12 months, and then mail with your old address will be returned to the sender. So, anytime you receive a forwarded letter after your move, take time to notify the person or company of your new address.


While an address change with the USPS is helpful, it doesn’t take the place of informing everyone of your new address. That’s where the list above comes in handy! Now, relax and start changing those addresses.