Stay Organized by Rotating Your Storage Unit


You know that rotating your tires is a good practice, but do you also know that now could be the perfect time to rotate your storage unit? Just to be clear, rotating your storage unit doesn’t involve moving your stored belongings to a different storage unit. Instead, when you rotate your storage unit, you’re moving items around inside the storage unit.


Unlike a simple spring-cleaning to remove dust and clutter, a storage unit rotation gets you into the guts of your stored belongings. Sound intimidating? It shouldn’t be, but devote a few hours to the task. First, let’s talk about why you should rotate your storage unit, and then we’ll discuss tips for a great storage unit rotation.


Give your stored belongings a helping hand. Image via flickr Betsssssy
Give your stored belongings a helping hand. Image via flickr Betsssssy


Excellent Reasons to Rotate Your Storage Unit 


There are several reasons you may find it helpful to rotate your storage unit. To inspire you, here’s a quick summary of what you’ll gain by rotating your storage unit. Rotating your storage unit helps you:

  • Stay organized
  • Maintain optimum use of your storage space
  • Better protect your stored belongings
  • Remember what’s in storage
  • Reduce wear on stored belongings and containers
  • Remove unwanted items to make room for new ones

When you rotate your storage unit, you can revisit items you may have quickly shoved into storage one rushed day. Properly organizing all items in your storage unit not only helps you make the most of your storage space, but it also helps prevent damage to sensitive items that make need a little more attention. Plus, re-stacking boxes or other containers helps reduce wear on high-stress areas, which means better protection for items inside. Again, think tire rotation!


One of the nicest advantages to rotating your storage unit is that you’ll probably find an item that you need back at home. Or perhaps you’ll find something you want to donate to charity rather than keep in storage. Getting rid of unwanted items helps you keep your storage unit roomy enough for other items in the future. Now that you understand the advantages of rotating your storage unit, let’s talk about how to do it.


Tips for Rotating Your Storage Unit


  • As you move items around, sweep the storage unit floor, and dust any shelving.
  • Re-stack boxes to reduce wear on high-stress areas. Move boxes at the bottom of the stack nearer to the top, but make sure you keep fragile items on the tops of stacks.
  • Spring is a good time to rotate your storage unit.
    Spring is a good time to rotate your storage unit.

    Reposition furniture, mattresses and any other larger items.

  • Refold rugs to prevent the formation of permanent creases in the fold.
  • Label any new boxes you’re adding to storage, and add labels on any mystery boxes that are already stored.
  • Make sure items aren’t packed in too tightly. Storage is better when items have room for airflow, and you have room for access! If items are packed in too tightly, consider upgrading to a larger storage unit.
  • Mark your calendar to rotate your storage unit twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. You’ll probably need to fetch seasonal items around those times anyway, plus the more moderate temperatures in spring and fall are better for this potentially sweat-inducing work!


Keep Everything Clean, Protected and Uncluttered


  • Clean all stored furniture. Carefully inspect upholstered furniture for signs of mold. If you want to protect your furniture from dust, add a furniture cover that’s made of breathable fabric, not plastic, which may trap condensation.
  • Replace any dented or crushed cardboard boxes or other damaged containers.
  • Protect water-sensitive items from flooding by placing them on pallets.
  • Donate anything you haven’t used in more than one year. An exception to this would be a family heirloom or other sentimental item.
  • Consider whether your needs have changed. You may have stored items that you can currently use, so be sure to look inside boxes for that forgotten item that will now look perfect with the new paint colors in your living room.