5 Things You Need to Host a Mad Men Premiere Party

Posted on Apr 11 2014 - 3:50pm by Garret Stembridge

Hosting a Mad Men Premier Party

If you’re a die-hard Mad Men fan, you know that the upcoming Season 7 will feature Don, Peggy, and the rest of the gang reacting to historical events, just as they always have. This time it’s 1969, when Woodstock, the space-race, and flower power are in full-swing.


And whether you lived the decade or inherited the memorabilia from your parents, here are some essentials that you’ll need to pull from the archives (your storage unit) to host a truly authentic season premiere party.



Originally from Switzerland, the trend of dipping food into a heated dish of melted cheese was extremely popular in the 1960s. Break out the fondue set from storage, because this cheese fondue recipe is simple and social.


Cocktails and Mocktails

It wouldn’t be Mad Men without martini glasses. Think about theming your drinks after the infamous moon landing of 1969: “Blue Moon” (gin/creme de violette or lemonade/blue raspberry mix) or “Chocolate Full Moon” (tequila/creme de cacao or chocolate milk).


A Classic Book

You probably have some retro literature that you could place on top of your coffee table. Slaughterhouse V, The Godfather, and (if you have children) The Very Hungry Caterpillar were all top-selling books in 1969.


Vinyl Records
Search through your records for artists like the Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, and Bob Dylan. If you’re building a digital playlist, check out the Hot 100 Songs of 1969.


A Lava Lamp
This blob-filled lighting style was popular in 1969 (and made a brief comeback in the 1990s). Chances are you can dig one of those out of storage to enhance the groovy mood of the Mad Men premiere.


And when you’re done hosting your party, don’t throw the stuff away. Nostalgia shows are always in-style, and it won’t be long before another 60’s show is created.


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