RVs everywhere are stretching their collective arms, giving out big yawns, and preparing themselves to get on the road again. If only it were that simple! But, of course, our RVs need us to wake them gently in the spring.


You probably carefully winterized your RV last fall, but now you have a few more spring maintenance tasks to complete. Keep yourself motivated while getting your motorhome ready for summer by anticipating all the fun ahead!


Begin your summer RV prep with a thorough inspection. Image by Larry Page.
Begin your summer RV prep with a thorough inspection. Image by Larry Page.


RV Spring Maintenance Checklist: Make it Roadworthy  

Here’s a handy checklist to get you moving in the right direction with your RV before your first trip after storage. First, pay attention to all the things in your RV that get you safely to your destinations and back.

  1. Remove the RV cover or tarp, and inspect the exterior and interior for damage.
  2. Reinstall the charged battery, and clean terminals.
  3. Check all fluid levels.
  4. Test brakes and lights.
  5. Adjust tire pressure.
  6. Check maintenance books, and perform any needed maintenance or repairs. (Don’t forget about your onboard generator.)
  7. Wash the exterior.


RV Spring Maintenance Checklist: Make it Livable

You’re almost done. Now that you know your RV is roadworthy, it’s time to make sure it’s livable too!

  1. Flush all freshwater and holding tanks. Drain and flush the water heater according to directions in manual, and make sure the water heater is full before lighting burner. Sanitize freshwater tanks with a bleach and water solution.
  2. Turn on an LP tank, and test stove burners, allowing trapped air to run out of gas lines. Light the gas on your refrigerator, furnace and water heater.
  3. Replace air filter if needed.
  4. For RV safety, inspect the fire extinguisher, and replace batteries in the fire detector and the carbon monoxide detector.
  5. Dust and vacuum interior, and wipe down surfaces.


Finally, you can go shop for groceries and get on the road. Happy travels!


When do you take your RV from storage? Do you have a favorite destination for your first summer RV trip?