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Worst Advice You’ll Hear about Car Storage


There’s plenty of bad advice out there, and it often comes from well-meaning people. Yet, when it comes to car storage, you should do your own research for best results! Preparing for car storage can help you can avoid some problems like paint damage, fused wipers, flat spots and more.


Whether it’s bad advice you hear, or your own voice whispering in your ear, remember to avoid the bad car storage advice below, and you’ll have a happier car storage experience.


Image by flickr Greencolander
Image by flickr Greencolander


Go ahead and store a dirty car, who cares.

No way. Stuff left on the exterior of your car can cause paint damage. What am I talking about? Well, just your friendly bird droppings and road salt! After cleaning the exterior, add a layer of wax for extra protection. It’s also important to give the inside of your car a good vacuum to remove food crumbs that may attract pests.


There’s no need to change the oil before you store your car.

Wrong! Unless you’re storing your car for less than 30 days, it’s important to get your oil changed. Contaminants in used oil may cause engine damage, so always change the oil before long-term storage.


Don’t worry about the battery.

Nope. Batteries can lose their charge during storage. To prevent this, remove the negative battery cable or use a trickle charger. Otherwise, you can arrange to have someone drive your car every two weeks, or remove the battery, and store it in a dry location. Refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle.


Use the parking brake.

During car storage, engaging the parking brake is a bad idea. Brake pads that maintain contact with the rotors for too long can become fused. Chocks, or tire stoppers, can safely prevent movement.


Don’t bother with inflating the tires before storage.

That’s bad advice. When your car is left in the same position for a long time, flat spots may develop in the tires. To prevent this, make sure your tires are properly inflated, and consider moving the car at regular intervals.


Let your car insurance lapse.

Don’t do it. It’s never wise to store valuables without insurance coverage. Plus, when you’re ready to reinstate your car insurance, you may find that the rate has been raised after your gap in coverage.


Critters don’t mess with cars.

Wrong. Critters search out warm places, and your car could be just the spot. To keep critters out, don’t forget to roll up your windows, and cover the exhaust pipe and air intake.


You can just leave the wipers on.

Sorry, but for long-term car storage, it’s best to remove your wipers or place plastic between the wipers and glass. Otherwise, wipers can attach themselves to your windshield.


Now that you know what bad advice to avoid, go find your vehicle storage.


Have you heard any bad car storage advice not covered here? How do you prepare your car for storage?