Are you looking to store your personal items, but don’t know whether to choose regular or climate controlled storage? While regular self-storage works great for plenty of household items, more sensitive items (such as family heirlooms, antiques, artwork or musical instruments) sometimes need a more consistent environment. Here are five benefits of choosing climate controlled storage for your most valuable items:



1. Protection From the Elements

In many parts of the country, temps can soar over 100 degrees in the winter and plummet to negative digits in the winter. These extreme temperature changes can cause furniture and antiques to crack, rust, split, or corrode. Exposure to the elements can also wreak havoc on clothing and upholstery, resulting in deterioration and yellowing of the fabric. Climate controlled storage keeps temperatures steady between 55 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit so you won’t have to worry about extreme elements.


2. Better Air Control

Climate controlled storage also provides consistent air quality. This keeps your items free of dust, debris and excess humidity. Just like temperature changes, fluctuations in humidity can damage sensitive items. Too much moisture can cause objects to rot, warp or grow mildew. Climate controlled storage keeps humidity and air quality constant so your items will remain just the way you left them – no matter how long they’re stored.


3. Safeguard Against Intruders

Since climate controlled storage units are located indoors, they also provide an additional layer of protection from rodents, insects and other pests. These units are also less susceptible to flooding and damage by mold, bacteria and other unwanted intruders.


4. More Security

Indoor climate-controlled units also offer an additional benefit: more security and privacy than basic drive-up self-storage. While regular self-storage offers plenty of security features such as cameras and locked entry, interior units give you the added discretion of its indoor location.


5. Peace of Mind

Climate controlled storage gives you the extra peace of mind knowing that your items are protected against the elements and more. Climate controlled storage is a bit pricier than traditional self-storage. However, the cost of properly storing your items is often far less than the item itself (especially when it comes to sentimental items that can’t be replaced).

Climate control offers the safest and secure storage option. It’s simply the way to go to keep your most treasured belongings safe for the long haul.


Do you prefer climate control or regular storage for your belongings?