Climate-Controlled Storage: How it Works & Why You Should Use It

_L5A0926“Climate control” is a term you often hear associated with cars, but self-storage facilities’ use of this technology is even more important. People entrust valuable — sometimes even priceless — possessions to us, so it’s imperative that we provide the perfect environment to keep everything in good shape. Climate-controlled units maintain a stable temperature and humidity regardless of what the weather is like outside.


How does this work?
There are various strategies for making sure your storage unit stays temperate. These units have increased insulation and of course heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that allow users to set the elements of the climate via programmable thermostats.

We also make sure there are as few entryways for air and dust as possible in the unit. Openings required to maintain plumbing or heating systems are placed elsewhere, and doorways have tight seals.

Once you have a nicely insulated, tightly sealed space with customized airflow, you are in business for storing your prized possessions safely. Overabundant moisture will not ruin clothes or linens; no musty odor, no mildew. High temperatures won’t damage electronics or warp wood. Documents won’t yellow so quickly, musical instruments won’t crack, and fine wines will stay fine.


Comfort Visiting Your Unit
Beyond these obvious benefits, it will be much more pleasant to visit and spend time in your climate-controlled unit. Maybe you’re a collector who spends hours looking at or organizing your stuff. Maybe you maintain inventory in your unit and visit often to ship things out or restock shelves. Maybe you’re just a person who doesn’t like to suffer in the heat or cold while dropping off, picking up, or rearranging your items. Regardless, the experience of maintaining your storage space will be much more pleasant if you’re not sweating or shivering while you do it.


Is Climate Control Right for You?
How can you tell if climate control is for you? Subject your stuff to the “garage test”: Consider whether you’d be comfortable storing your stuff in your garage in all seasons. If not, choose a climate-controlled unit over a regular one. Another thing to ask yourself is whether you can stand visiting or working in your unit on a baking hot afternoon or a frigid morning. If not, climate control might be for you.


Have you had experience with climate controlled storage in the past? Why would you pick a climate controlled storage unit for your stuff?