Debunking the Biggest Self Storage Myths


If you’ve never been a tenant at a self storage facility, it can be tempting to believe some of the myths that circulate about self storage. As with many things, it’s better to find out for yourself than believe the chatter. So, get ready! I’m going to debunk some self storage myths for you.


Storage myth #1: It’s lazy to store things, so you should just go through those boxes and get rid of stuff instead.

The reality: Storage units are put to work! Hardworking landscapers, artisans, eBay merchants and collectors are just a few groups of people who rely on storage units for their businesses. Other people who depend on self storage include college students, deployed military personnel, adults going through life transitions, or simply those who need a little extra space.




Storage myth #2: Storage units are full of junk.

The reality: I can’t promise that there’s not some junk mixed in there somewhere, but furniture is one of the most commonly stored items in storage units. Storing furniture during a move can be an ideal way to avoid the extra expense of having to purchase it again later. Plus, storage units are a popular choice for storing valuables such as antiques, wine and classic cars.


Storage myth #3: Using a storage unit is too expensive.

The reality: The price of storage units varies depending on several factors, including property location, storage unit location within the property, type of storage unit, or use of climate control, but many affordable options are available. When storing valuable items like artwork, antiques, heirlooms and more, self storage can be less expensive than replacing items later. And sentimental belongings are irreplaceable!


Storage myth #4: Storage properties may not be safe.

The reality: Safety is a priority at storage properties. Using a self storage unit can even be a safer option than other storage methods like outdoor sheds or street parking. Security measures at Extra Space Storage include electronic gates, fencing, lighting, cameras, and, in some cases, an onsite manager. Individual alarmed units are also available.




Storage myth #5: Storage facilities are dirty.

The reality: It’s just not so. In fact, storage units are probably cleaner than typical garages and attics in homes! Storage units are always clean when new tenants move in, and indoor storage units can remain just as dust-free as your home closet.


Storage myth #6: Insurance isn’t necessary.

The reality: While things often go smoothly, insurance is necessary for the times when uncommon events, such as flooding, occur. Storage facilities take precautions to maintain a secure environment for stored belongings, but it’s the renter’s responsibility to maintain insurance.


Is there a big self storage myth I haven’t covered here? What have you heard about using a storage unit?