Top Reasons to Choose Outdoor Storage

Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 10:06pm by Garret Stembridge



Whether outdoor storage is a luxury for you, or a business necessity, one truth remains the same: Outdoor storage is a convenient way to store vehicles and boats! While outdoor storage may look like just a parking space with a roof (where available), this type of storage actually has a lot to offer. Let’s take a closer look at some reasons outdoor storage may be for you.


Affordable Pricing

One of the most basic types of storage, outdoor storage is also one of the most affordable based on cost per square foot. So, don’t assume you have to go with a second-best option, or keep a crowded driveway. Check on outdoor storage pricing.


Extra Parking for Personal Cars and Trucks

Never worry about having to park that extra vehicle on the street. With outdoor storage, you gain security from vandalism and theft. Plus, when you choose a covered outdoor storage space, you’ll also gain some added protection from the elements.


Image by flickr Joe Stump

Image by flickr Joe Stump


Protection for Recreational Vehicles

Your motorhome is precious to you, and outdoor storage helps you treat it right! Outdoor storage can be even more convenient with RV hookups (where available). Plus, measures like fencing, security cameras and personalized gate entry help ensure your stored RV is protected from theft and vandalism.


Business Solution for Trucks and Trailers

With outdoor storage, your business has a guaranteed and safe parking solution. Trucking companies and landscaping businesses, as well as other companies that rely on vehicles, often choose outdoor storage to securely store the trucks and trailers that are so vital to their businesses.


Image via flickr Photon De

Image via flickr Photon De


Storage for Boats

You may love your boat, but some neighborhood associations don’t allow outdoor boat storage in residential areas. Unless you have extra garage space you’re ready to give up, renting an outdoor storage space can be the best option for boat storage.


Convenient Locations

With more than 1,000 storage properties across the United States, Extra Space Storage makes it convenient to find outdoor storage.


What are your reasons for choosing outdoor storage? How do you store your boat, RV, trailer or car?