You may have heard the old real estate mantra “location, location, location,” but when it comes to storage spaces there’s another characteristic that’s very important too:  Accessibility! Drive-up units are ideal for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest factor in their popularity is easy access. Keep reading to learn more, and perhaps figure out if you’d love a drive-up storage unit too.


Image by Maura Teague on flickr
Image by Maura Teague on flickr


Exterior Entry Means Quick Access

When you have a drive-up storage unit, you can pull your automobile directly up to your storage unit for quicker, easier unloading or loading. For businesses, this quick access translates into more time to devote to making a profit. Plus, ground floor access means you can save your energy too!


Ideal Solution for Storing Larger Equipment

Landscapers and other professionals who use large equipment often find that drive-up storage offers the best amount of secure and convenient storage space. And when equipment is safely stored out of the elements, business owners may get a better return from their equipment investment, not to mention peace of mind knowing that important equipment is stored in a secure environment.


A drive-up storage unit at Extra Space Storage
A drive-up storage unit at Extra Space Storage


An Extra One-Car Garage with High Ceilings

Think of your drive-up storage unit as an extra one-car garage away from your house, apartment or business. (Square footage can vary, but drive-up storage units are generally the size of a one-car garage.) An added bonus is high ceilings that reach at least 10 feet, but up to 20 feet in some cases.


Customizable for Maximum Use

Drive-up storage units already feature roll-up doors that help maximize available storage space, but there are other ways you can get more out of your space. Take advantage of free carpeting and pallets to help you customize your unit for your needs and keep items off of the floor.


Get the Best of Both Worlds

While drive-up storage offers the convenience of easy, exterior access, you can make things even better with climate control. When you choose a climate-controlled storage unit, you won’t have to worry about temperature changes and humidity damaging your belongings. Climate control keeps your unit at a safe temperature between 50 and 80 degrees.


Are you loving drive-up storage units yet? If you think that these storage units are for you, but you’d like to see more, watch our video on drive-up storage. And, if you’re new to renting storage spaces, find answers to your storage questions.


What is your favorite type of storage unit? Have you ever wanted an extra one-car garage?