15 Totally Ingenious Uses for Everyday Things


All over your home lie scads of useful and under-appreciated items. Many things you assume have only one purpose are actually perfect for other tasks. Here are 15 ideas to give your junk drawer a whole new life.

  1. Use a staple remover to add keys to your key ring.
  2.  Use a rubber band to scrape the excess paint off your brush.
  3.  Use a dustpan to fill large containers with water.
  4. Use a hanging shoe rack to organize your cleaning supplies.
  5. Use a pool noodle to keep your kid from falling out of bed.
  6. Use a toilet paper roll as a cuff to keep wrapping paper straight.
  7. Use a can opener to open rigid plastic packages.
  8. Use toothpaste to clean car headlights.
  9. Use an old lotion bottle to keep valuables at the beach.
  10. Use an old lotion bottle to make a holder for charging your cell phone.
  11. Use nail polish to differentiate your keys.
  12. Use soda can tabs to make more space in your closet.
  13. Use a stocking secured over your vacuum hose to find small, lost objects.
  14. Use a CD spindle as a bagel container.
  15. Use a pants hanger as a recipe holder.

There are plenty more great ideas where these came from. What are you favorite lifehacks?