Help with Choosing Between Outdoor and Drive-up Storage

Posted on Dec 24 2013 - 6:52am by Garret Stembridge


Both outdoor storage and drive-up storage have their advantages, so it’s natural you may need a little assistance deciding between them. I’m here to help you out. The good news is that choosing between outdoor and drive-up storage can simply be a matter of looking at what you need to store and your budget. First, let’s make sure you understand the differences between outdoor and drive-up storage.


Drive-up storage units are typically the size of a one-car garage. They usually have roll-up doors, which help to maximize use of space, and allow for easier loading and unloading. Since they’re enclosed like a garage, drive-up storage units offer more protection from the elements. Outdoor storage consists of a parking space, which may be covered with a roof.


Now that you understand the physical differences between outdoor and drive-up storage, let’s take a closer look at how each may fit your needs.


Classic cars are often stored in drive-up storage units. Image by DeusXFlorida flickr

Classic cars are often stored in drive-up storage units.   Image by DeusXFlorida flickr


If you have boxes and other items like lawn mowers, furniture or mattresses to store, drive-up storage with its enclosed environment is ideal. If you’re storing climate-sensitive items, ask your storage manager about the availability of climate controlled storage.



Outdoor storage is your best option for storing larger vehicles, such as RVs, while drive-up storage units are ideal for housing smaller vehicles. Drive-up storage is a very popular choice for storing classic cars, and other expensive cars.



Based on price per square foot, outdoor storage can be one of the most affordable types of storage space. However, drive-up storage gives you better protection from the elements and more security.



The garage-like space offered by drive-up storage means that you’ll have more opportunities to get organized with shelving and other organizational tools.



While security features like personalized gate entry, fencing and security cameras help to ensure that outdoor storage is secure, with drive-up storage, you have the additional opportunity to secure your belongings behind a door with a lock.


I hope these descriptions will help you decide between outdoor or drive-up storage. But remember, with month-to-month leases at Extra Space Storage, you can always change your mind!


Do you prefer outdoor or drive-up car storage? What items are you thinking about storing in drive-up storage?