Is a Drive-Up Storage Unit for You?

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 7:00am by Michael James


1524_6Are you looking for storage but don’t know which type of unit to rent? Should you book one that opens onto a hallway inside the building, or opt for a drive-up space that opens onto the fresh outside air?

Drive-up spaces are ideal for businesses that need extra square footage, whether for seasonal or permanent storage.

An accounting firm might find it useful to drive files right up to the door for quick unloading. A retail establishment might like the ease of transferring signage and extra inventory right from the truck through the door. Or a landscape company might find this the only viable option for storing large equipment, tools, and ride-on mowers.

Of course other customers of all types will prefer the accessibility of these units, considering they are on the ground floor and you can back your car or truck right up to them. For this reason, they are likely to be more expensive than units elsewhere in the building.

Drive-up units usually approximate the size of a one-car garage, although square-footage can vary. They typically have high ceilings of at least 10 feet, if not as high as 20 feet. Their roll-up doors, similar to those on a garage, facilitate easy loading and unloading.

Despite opening onto the elements, these units can be climate-controlled at temperatures of between 50 and 80 degrees all year. Facilities sometimes provide customers with free options for making their units more useful and comfortable, such as carpeting, pallets to keep stuff off the floor, and dollies for transporting heavy items.

What are you looking for in your self-storage? Is a drive-up unit right for you?