6 Simple Ways to Stay Organized for the Holidays

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 10:48pm by Dayna Hathaway

Does your holiday season feel more stressful than merry? Between holiday shopping, decorating and celebrating, the holidays can become hectic fast! Here are a few simple tips to help you stay organized – and sane – throughout the holidays:

1. Make a List (And Check It Twice) 


Yes, just like Santa, you need to make a list to help you through the holidays. First, write down all of your holiday tasks – including everything from mailing cards to baking a cake for the annual family potluck. Getting everything on paper will help make you feel more in-control instantly.


2. Give Yourself Deadlines

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Next, break the list down into small tasks.Assign a deadline for each one. Space the deadlines out so you don’t have too many things crepping up at once. Use a large desk calendar to help keep everything neat and easily accessible.



3. Keep Up Your Routine

Sometimes, you can get so immersed in all the holiday activities that you completely forget about your everyday tasks, such as cleaning and cooking dinner. Don’t fall into this trap. Keep up your regular routine as much as possible. Also, make sleep a priority or you’ll burn out before the season is over.

4. De-Clutter As You Go

While unpacking your decorations, take stock of what you don’t use. If you notice you haveno room for that three foot Santa, get rid of it. Also, use this as an opportunity to de-clutter your house in general. Sort through your belongings (including your kid’s toys) and donate unused items. This will make everything easier when the decorations come down and an influx of new presents comes in.

 5. Revamp Your Storage System

Source: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51T8OWNsFTL.jpg

Source: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51T8OWNsFTL.jpg

As sorting through your decorations, you can also revamp your decoration storage system. Do you have dozens of breakable ornaments in unorganized bins? Transfer them to a plastic storage box with dividers. Not only will this keep your ornaments damage-free, it will also make the whole process of taking down the decorations down a breeze. If needed a storage unit is often used for holiday items.



6. Learn How to Say No

During the holidays, it’s easy to sign up for way more than you can handle. Take a step back. Do you really need to attend all those activities or that many batches of Christmas cookies? Prioritizing your time works wonders in making this season more relaxed.


With these tips, you can ease holiday chaos and enjoy a fun-filled season.