Help with Choosing Between Outdoor and Drive-up Storage

Classic cars are often stored in drive-up storage units. Image by DeusXFlorida flickr

  Both outdoor storage and drive-up storage have their advantages, so it’s natural you may need a little assistance deciding between them. I’m here to help you out. The good news is that choosing between outdoor and drive-up storage can simply be a matter of looking at what you need to store and your budget. First, let’s make sure you understand the differences between outdoor and drive-up storage.   Drive-up storage units are typically the size of a one-car garage. They usually have roll-up doors, which help to maximize use of space, and allow for easier loading and unloading. Since they’re enclosed like a garage, drive-up storage units offer … [More]

New Spot for your Stuff in Downtown Chicago

Photo: akasped via Flickr

  Self-storage isn’t just for suburbanites with minivans. There are plenty of facilities in urban areas, perfect for city-dwellers to supplement the limited space in their apartments.   Chicago has just gained one more storage option in its urban core. The newest Extra Space facility joins the other three near the central business district in offering secure, quality storage to the city’s residents.   The new building, at 1242 W Washington Blvd, has a lot to recommend it to those tightly packed urbanites. Located in the center of the Near West Side neighborhood, right next door to the Loop, the facility is near major universities, hospitals, and cultural … [More]

6 Simple Ways to Stay Organized for the Holidays


Does your holiday season feel more stressful than merry? Between holiday shopping, decorating and celebrating, the holidays can become hectic fast! Here are a few simple tips to help you stay organized – and sane – throughout the holidays: 1. Make a List (And Check It Twice)  Yes, just like Santa, you need to make a list to help you through the holidays. First, write down all of your holiday tasks – including everything from mailing cards to baking a cake for the annual family potluck. Getting everything on paper will help make you feel more in-control instantly.   2. Give Yourself Deadlines   Next, break the list … [More]

Is a Drive-Up Storage Unit for You?


  Are you looking for storage but don’t know which type of unit to rent? Should you book one that opens onto a hallway inside the building, or opt for a drive-up space that opens onto the fresh outside air? Drive-up spaces are ideal for businesses that need extra square footage, whether for seasonal or permanent storage. An accounting firm might find it useful to drive files right up to the door for quick unloading. A retail establishment might like the ease of transferring signage and extra inventory right from the truck through the door. Or a landscape company might find this the only viable option for storing … [More]

Storage and Organizing Product Best Finds

Photo via Ikea

  The universe of storage and organization products is enormous. From sideboards to shower racks, you can easily find solutions to every storage problem. But which boxes, bins, barrels, and baskets are right for you? I’ve searched out a few winning products, one for each room of the house. Entryway: Corral all that footwear with a hide-away shoe rack, like the Organize It Deluxe Single Shoe Cabinet. Living room: IKEA’s Expedit bookshelf is excellently multi-purpose. Stick some of these Knipsa baskets in to hold smaller items. Dining room: The Home Styles Medium Cherry Server has multiple cabinets and drawers as well as space for wine bottles. Also, it … [More]

What To Buy (and Not Buy) at Thrift Stores

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  We all love to save a buck, and thrift stores can be real treasure troves if you know what to look for. But they are also full of used items you shouldn’t bother spending even two cents on. Here are some ideas regarding what to buy—and not buy—at your favorite local Goodwill. Buy Wool sweaters. Unless they’re pilly or worn thin, sweaters usually have a lot of life left in them. Buying them used can save you a bundle. Wash them in Woolite and dry them with Dryel before you wear them. Coffee mugs. Mugs are a dime a dozen, almost literally, so don’t bother paying top … [More]

Thrift: Creative Uses for Tupperware

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  Tupperware and plastic storage containers of other brands are ubiquitous in today’s American kitchen. Of course they’re designed to hold things, and this can extend well beyond food to hair accessories, jewelry, cufflinks, safety pins, matches, you name it. But what about other creative uses for Tupperware containers of all sizes? Here are a few that will help you repurpose those old plastic containers that have fallen out of use. Make a surprisingly attractive iPod boombox out of a large disposable container by cutting holes in the lid and wedging in Styrofoam to keep the player and speakers in place. Use a medium sized container to make … [More]

3 Quick Tips to Save Money on Your Heating Bill


    The fall is always a great time of year, but for many, that means winter is just around the corner. Which means an increase in your heating bills. If you are someone who has oil heat, your bill can be even more expensive, with a tank refill costing hundreds of dollars in one shot. But, there is good news, there are some easy things you can do at home to help save your bill. Let’s try a few.   Annual Check Ups One of the very best ways to keep your heat down is to make sure your heating system is not leaking or broken. Many … [More]

Family Feud Meets Self Storage – Infographic


Family Feud has long been one of America’s favorite game shows. But what happens when you use the category of “Self Storage“? The info-graphic below answers this question! Take a few minutes and see how well you do with “The Storage Feud”. Survey says: You’ll love it.

Don’t Let Winter Decorating Eat Up Your Savings: 3 Tips to Lower Costs


For many parts of the country, winter means more than just ski season is back, it means the holiday season is fast approaching! And while it’s great to experience a change of seasons, it can be a struggle in already tough economic times to try to scrape together those extra dollars to make sure you can still enjoy winter decorating. This is especially true if you are planning a bit show for winter lights around your house But, you do have some options. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get your home and family prepared for winter in a way that will help both cut your costs … [More]