Sustainable, Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives

Posted on Nov 22 2013 - 7:50am by Dayna Hathaway


I think the decision to have a cut Christmas tree or an artificial one has become rather boring. There are so many other options for holiday trees. Some of these alternative Christmas trees may not technically be green, but they are certainly sustainable, as well as fun!


Christmas Tree Alternatives

These alternative Christmas trees have a lot going for them. Some of the trees help you save space, while others save you some cash. Plus, isn’t it more fun to make your own Christmas tree from costume jewelry, or even a ladder?


Chalk Christmas Tree

Chalk it up to being artistic, but chalk Christmas trees are making their way into many homes for the holidays. To join in, create a canvas for your chalk tree using blackboard fabric or chalkboard paint. Then, sketch away with chalk.


Image by Leah Paulette

Image by Leah Paulette


Metallic Seashell Christmas Trees

This is why Sally sold seashells by the seashore! I love these metallic seashell Christmas trees. They’re the perfect size for decorating. At The Picket Fence has the tutorial.


Image by At The Picket Fence

Image by At The Picket Fence


Vintage Costume Jewelry Holiday Tree

Vintage costume jewelry is easy to find at antique stores, and now you have an excuse to buy some! A vintage costume jewelry Christmas tree can turn into a conversation piece, and a family heirloom. You can’t say that about live trees! Burlap & Denim explains how to make your own vintage costume jewelry Christmas tree.


Image by Burlap & Denim

Image by Burlap & Denim


Wine Cork Christmas Tree

You knew you were saving wine corks for a reason. If you don’t want to make your own wine cork Christmas tree, you can buy a holiday tree made from repurposed wine corks on etsy!


Image by Laurie Mullins on Etsy

Image by Laurie Mullins on Etsy


More Ideas for Sustainable Holiday Trees

Even if you’re sticking with your traditional Christmas tree, I hope that you’ve found some tabletop decorating inspiration!


Are you using an alternative holiday tree this year? Have you ever crafted your own DIY Christmas tree?


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