The Phenomenon Known as Organization Envy!

Posted on Nov 13 2013 - 7:00am by Guest Contributor

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A friend and I were recently discussing the phenomenon known as Organization Envy. It’s what happens to all of us when we ooh and aah over gorgeous spaces that we don’t actually believe we could ever have. And no, I’m not here to tell you that “you too can have it all”. That’s another post for another day. No, I’m here to gush over spaces I can never have.

I’ve heard that some folks actually have rooms like these in their homes. People who live out in the suburbs, or in the midwest where houses are larger and cheaper. But this concept of an extra room used just for crafting is pretty foreign to me out here in the Bay Area! I have a 3-drawer dresser in the living room that I use for craft supply storage, and I consider myself very lucky.

Join me as I journey down the rabbit hole, won’t you?

This first one comes from Martha Stewart. And yeah, ok, it’s from her set. So it’s not technically real, like it’s in someone’s actual house. But still. It’s drool-worthy. Even though it’s part laundry room, part craft room.

Photo via Martha Stewart

This one comes to us via a website called Two Twenty One (found through Pinterest, of course). I love the use of the IKEA Expedit, and the little jars on shelves. Click through to her site to see the rest of the room…it’s gorgeous. And I love that she used almost all IKEA stuff.

Photo via

Love love love the peg board. And the chandelier is a little over the top, but I like how it kind of classes the room up a bit, makes it special and fancy. Check it out.

Photo via Pinterest

Is this someone’s craft room or a store??

Photo via Pinterest

This closet. Who needs a craft room when you have a closet like this? Although…where do you do the actual crafting? Is this closet in a dining room? I don’t believe it’s real.

Photo via Pinterest

I am obsessed with this idea…expect a post from me about this in the next few months…

Photo via Pinterest

And this isn’t craft-related, but would you take a look at this pantry!?

Photo via Pinterest

I mean, it’s a hoarder’s organizer’s heaven in there!

Do you experience Organization Envy? Do you have one of these mysterious crafting rooms in your house? Want to show me pictures and make me jealous?