I don’t like scary movies, but I absolutely adore Halloween! What’s not to love? It’s filled with pumpkins, autumn wreaths, spooky decorations, black cat potholders (guilty), creative costumes, a lovely parade of trick-or-treaters plus candy – all with the halloween-witch-storagecrunch of leaves underfoot. And, of course, my yearly viewing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” because who can skip that?


The only downside to all this Halloween love is that I can’t enjoy it year-round. But I’ve learned a thing or two about Halloween storage, and I’m sharing my strategies with you!


Easy Steps to Store Your Halloween Decorations


Whether you’re storing autumn decorations, or frightful Halloween goodies, keep these simple storage tips in mind.

  • Clear the cobwebs. Clean your decorations before storage, removing insects that may have nested inside outdoor decorations. Make sure your decorations are completely dry before storage. Inflatables, and other outdoor decorations, often collect moisture.
  • Organize! Make separate piles of your Halloween costumes, party supplies, fragile indoor decorations and outdoor decorations. Estimate how many storage boxes you’ll need. Since you have your Halloween things gathered together, take a picture on your phone, and refer to it inside the store.
  • Shop for your storage boxes. Make things easy on yourself, and buy some translucent storage boxes. That way, you’ll never open up your box of Halloween
    Halloween Storage Tote from The Container Store
    Halloween Storage Tote from The Container Store

    decorations in December! Another alternative is to buy an orange Halloween storage tote. The orange color of your seasonal storage container will make it a snap to identify your Halloween treasures next year. Or, get the best of both worlds with a see-through storage box with orange lid!

  • Carefully pack up your Halloween goodies in your new storage boxes. To protect fragile items, use unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap. If you have multiple Halloween storage boxes, label the containers: costumes, indoor Halloween decorations, etc.


About Those Halloween Candy Wrappers


After your Halloween decorations are all wrapped up, what should you do with those used candy wrappers that can be so tricky to recycle? Send them to Terracycle to be remade into backpacks or laptop sleeves! Get more details about Terracycle’s Candy Wrapper Brigade.


For more Halloween storage tips check another post here. Have a great autumn, and don’t forget to spend plenty of time outside enjoying that crisp fall air!


What are your favorite types of autumn or Halloween decorations? Where do you store your holiday decorations?