How to Pack it Up: Organizing Your Child’s Lunchbox

Staying organized when your child’s in school is full of challenges, but organizing your child’s lunchbox shouldn’t be one of them. Just follow these easy steps to pack healthy lunches your kids will love.

Step One: Set Out Lunchboxes

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First, set out your kid’s lunchboxes in front of your preparation area. This will give you a visual for how much food you can pack. You don’t want to over stuff the container, but you want to make sure your kids have enough snacks for the day. To make organizing a snap, check out these eco-friendly lunchboxes with built-in compartments.

Step Two: Prepare Lunches

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Next, start preparing the lunches. Remember, you want a good combination of grains and protein. A combination like PB&J or a turkey sandwich is always a good option. To avoid ending up with a smashed sandwich (and PB&J all over your kid’s backpack), consider using a reusable plastic sandwich container.

Step Three: Chill Perishables

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Then add in your perishable items. To keep items (such as water bottles, juice packs and yogurt containers) cold until lunchtime, try freezing them the night before. Keep items that can’t be frozen ahead of time (like that turkey sandwich) safe by surrounding them with cold packs. In a pinch, you can even DIY your own cold pack with soap!

Step Four: Add Pantry Items

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Add anything that does not need to stay cold into the lunchbox last. Are you unsure of what snacks to pack? Energy bars are always a great go-to option as they provide the ideal blend of nutrients to give kids a pick-me up to get them through the rest of their day. Better yet, you can even make your own.

Step Five: Top off With Napkins and Utensils

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Now you can add napkins and any utensils your kids may need to eat their lunch. If you want to brighten your kid’s day, write a note on the napkin before stashing it in the box. Check here for ideas of inspiring messages.

Make your mornings run smoothly by gathering all your supplies the night before. Then you can just follow these steps to pack up the lunchbox with minimal muss and fuss.