Prepare to Winterize the Backyard Furniture


As much as we might not like to admit it, across the country the winter is coming. Of course, some areas will be harder hit than others, and because of that, if you do live in the Northeast or Midwest, you’re going to have to take some additional steps to protect your yard as winter comes around. Let’s face it, most of us pay a good amount of money to get our backyard looking fantastic during the year, and you want to make sure you can do everything you can to keep all of your stuff looking great when the spring comes around again. In order to get … [More]

Ten Fall Cleaning Jobs to Start Now

Image by Alex Eflon

  With these lovely fall days, it’s the best time to get your whole house clean before the winter. I’m talking about your whole house, including your attic and garage. After all, when temperatures hover around 70 degrees, it’s the ideal time to clean unheated areas like your garage or attic, and get outside to clean the windows.   Why put that pumpkin spice latte on a coaster and bother with these jobs? It’s all for a sense of comfort and satisfaction. And, you’re usually too busy with everyday cleaning tasks like dusting and dishes to really take a deeper look at your home. You might be surprised … [More]

Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


One of the enduring symbols of fall has to be the pumpkin. More than just a fun activity for kids to join in and decorate for Halloween, pumpkins can be used all throughout the Fall as a perfect decorating tool for both in the yard and around the house. Pumpkins and gourds, both large and small make great bases to start decorating, and they can be bought relatively inexpensively. Meaning you can use an abundance of them all over your home to make a perfect fall impression. Let’s take a look at a couple quick and easy ideas you can use to get your Fall pumpkin decorations going. … [More]

New Storage in Richmond, California

Photo: H. Michael Arrighi via Flick

  Richmond, California, an oasis up the Bay from Berkeley and Oakland, has just gained its most central storage facility, at 1900 Meeker Ave. The 714 units in this 74,007 square-foot facility are secure and easy to access. An on-site resident manager, electronic gate access, and video surveillance provide peace of mind. And individually alarmed units add an extra layer of safety. The facility is also convenient; a free move-in truck will help make your move as smooth as possible, and the seven-day-a-week opening schedule means that you’ll never be left without a friendly staff person to help you or a nearby place to buy some boxes. The … [More]

Where to Stow your Bikes, Skis, and Boots in Colorado Springs

Photo: finneycanhelp via Flickr

  You’d think that for a city of more than 400,000—second in size only to Denver among Colorado’s cities—Colorado Springs would be chock-a-block with self-storage space.   “The Springs” is full of outdoor enthusiasts, sitting as it does at the bottom of Pike’s Peak. Indeed, Outside magazine placed it at the top of its 2009 list of America’s Best Cities. The “quick access to nearly four million acres of Rocky Mountain wilderness and a dozen world-class ski resorts” cited by the magazine beg the question: Where do people store all those skis, mountain bikes, and hiking gear?   Self-storage is the perfect place for those kinds of items, … [More]

Fall Holiday Decorating Ideas

fall holiday decorating ideas

Fall is officially upon us! And that means for those who love to decorate for each season it is time to start taking down those summer items and replacing them with some new projects and crafts. One of the best ways to decorate for the seasons is get creative. It’s a lot more fun to spend time by yourself, or even better, with the kids making decorations that you can proudly show off around the house. Color Themes What makes Fall for most people are all the different colors the season brings, from the rich hues of cranberries, to the bright fallen leaves to the deep orange of … [More]

Moving? Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Valuables!

  Cara Giaimo is a blogger for SimpliSafe. She is currently moving and is taking special care of her guitar, her laptop, and her hat collection.  SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security is making its way to the top of its industry. Take a minute to visualize your most treasured possession. Is it your wedding ring, your father’s wrist watch, or another irreplaceable family heirloom? Now consider for a second how you would feel if this item were lost. It’s a horrible thought, isn’t it? Moving can be one of the most stressful periods in anyone’s life, and at a time like this, it can be very easy to focus … [More]

Westminster, Colorado, Gets the Storage It Deserves


The city of Westminster, Colorado, a northwest suburb of Denver, is an urban zone in its own right. With more than 4,000 people per square mile, it beats out Denver in population density, ranking as the second most densely populated city in Colorado after Dupont. That’s a lot of people without much elbow room, which makes Westminster a perfect place for one of Extra Space’s new Colorado locations. Our new facility, located at 5100 W 81st Place, is centrally located and well appointed with convenient features. Lying just off Sheridan Blvd (Route 95), a thoroughfare running south into Denver, and adjacent to Route 36 (the Denver Boulder Turnpike, … [More]

Houston’s Newest Storage Facility Has Landed

Mission Control photo from NASA

  As both visitors and residents have learned, there are lots of exciting things to do in Houston, Texas! From Space Center Houston to the Discovery Green urban park, Houston has something for everyone.   There’s a good reason that there are so many attractions in Houston. The city is very large with nearly 600 square miles, and it’s home to more than 2.1 million people! With millions of residents in the Houston area, there are lots of storage needs to be filled.   The newest Extra Space Storage in Houston is located at 7865 Katy Fwy. It joins several other Extra Space Storage facilities in the area. The … [More]

How To: Plan a Week’s Menu

The hardest thing about nailing down a week’s menu is the need to plan ahead. Not a lot of us are great at it, especially planning seven days at once. I find it can feel overwhelming, particularly because it has to be done week in, week out. But to be most efficient—and therefore become less overwhelmed—planning is the key. Here are a few tips I’ve discovered to help make you into a meal-planning whiz.   Sit down to plan at the same time every week. Most people probably do this on Sunday morning or some other time over the weekend, but it can be done any time. Just … [More]