Storage Unit Sizes for All Needs

Posted on Oct 29 2013 - 6:02am by Dayna Hathaway


Sometimes numbers just sit there and stare at you, and I’m not talking about being bad at math! What I mean is that it may be difficult to get a sense of how big a space really is when you’re just gazing at numbers.


I’d like to help you figure out which size storage space may fit your needs. Keep reading to learn what typically fits in each size storage unit. I’ve also taken this a step further with some fictional storage customers!


Smaller Storage Units (5×5 and 5×10)


Here’s what you can expect to fit inside a 5×5 storage unit (25 sq. ft.): dresser, small mattress set, boxes, garden tools, seasonal decorations and sports equipment. With a 5×10 storage unit (50 sq. ft.), your options grow to include storage of larger items like a queen-sized bed and TV.


Christmas decorations for storage image by Justin Russell

Christmas decorations for storage image by Justin Russell


Angela rents a 5×5 storage unit. She owns a small fabric shop that she enjoys decking out for the holidays. In fact, she’s guilty of collecting 25 wooden nutcrackers! The 5×5 storage unit is the perfect size to store her decorations. When she’s ready to retrieve her holiday decorations, she moves her personal gardening tools and summer sports equipment into the space. It’s never empty!


Steve rents a 5×10 storage unit. He lives on campus for college, but needs secure storage for the times that he moves out of his room during the summer and winter terms when he flies across the country to visit with family. The 5×10 storage unit is the perfect size to fit his surfboard, beanbag chair, microwave oven and group of medium boxes.



Medium Storage Units (10×10 and 10×15)


A 10×10 storage unit (100 sq. ft.) will house the contents of two full bedrooms or a family room, while a 10×15 unit (150 sq. ft.) holds up to three bedrooms, including larger items like pianos and tables.


Jennifer used to have an office that she used for working from her home, but she doesn’t use that space anymore since she stopped telecommuting. Now, she wants to convert the office back into a bedroom to host an exchange student! The 10×10 storage unit is a great size for her desk, chair, bookshelf, file cabinet, group of boxes and a few other small items.


Andrew got tired of driving from the suburbs, and recently sold his car and downsized to a small condo near his workplace, but he’s not giving up family heirlooms: a large dining room table and buffet, plus guest bedroom furniture. The 10×15 storage unit is a perfect fit for his extra furniture.


Larger Storage Units (10×20 and 10×30)


Image by Shister

Image by Shister

A 10×20 storage unit (200 sq. ft.) will hold the furnishings of a five-bedroom house, including a refrigerator, washer and dryer and large boxes. A 10×30 storage unit (300 sq. ft.) accommodates up to a seven-bedroom house, including large entertainment centers.


Stephanie’s house is for sale, and she just received a spectacular offer, but she needs a place to store the contents of her five-bedroom house while the builders finish up her dream home on the lake! A 10×20 storage unit is the answer for her belongings, including a new washer and dryer she wants to move into the new place.


Fred is moving his business, but he’s between leases. He thought about heaving the furniture and equipment from his five office rooms into his attic and garage, but he wanted the convenience of an easy move into a climate control storage unit where his belongings would be protected from temperature changes. A 10×30 storage unit with climate control was the ideal fit!


Whether it’s a small 5×5 or a large 10×30, I hope these fictional characters have helped you visualize the storage space you need. Remember, these descriptions are meant to be used as a general guide. Your storage manager can help you choose the storage unit size that will best fit your needs. Happy planning!


What is your storage unit story? Have you ever moved your belongings into a storage space to discover it wasn’t big enough?