Car Carrier

There’s no way around the logistical challenges of moving cross-country. Not only do you have to get all your stuff to your new place some 3,000 miles away, but you also need to get your car there. And unless you feel the call of the open road beckoning, you’ll surely want to find a way to ship it across without exhausting yourself behind the wheel.

Luckily, there is a whole industry devoted to solving this problem. Businesses called auto transport companies operate all over the country, hard at work loading people’s cars and trucks onto even bigger trucks and sending them hundreds and thousands of miles away.

You’re first step in finding a reputable auto transport provider is researching which companies operate in your area. A quick Internet search can get you started, after which you can inquire about them with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Word of mouth can be quite reliable, so it’s worth asking friends and acquaintances if they’ve done this before and have a company to recommend.

When you’ve narrowed your list down to a few companies, check with each one about whether they can transport your type of car to your desired destination on the appropriate date. They should be willing to provide a quote for the service, which will help you pinpoint the company for you.

Some companies, like DAS Auto Shippers, offer door-to-door pick up and drop off using a flatbed truck for an extra fee. A cheaper option is to drop off and retrieve your vehicle at terminals on either end of the trip.

Before you wave goodbye to your automobile, check with your insurance company about whether you will be covered in any eventuality, and inquire whether it’s a good idea to get supplemental insurance for the occasion. And once you see your car again at the other end of its journey, inspect it all over to make sure no damage has occurred while on the road.

Not quite sure yet whether shipping is for you? An added bonus of having your car transported is that it will prevent the air pollution that results from burning the many gallons of fuel you would need to drive to your destination. DAS claims that by transporting more than 100,000 vehicles every year, it keeps 2,926,000 gallons of fuel from being burned and prevents the potential release of 38,216,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

Still not comfortable with your car being loaded onto a truck? Or looking for a cheaper option? Consider driver-based transport services like Auto Driveaway, which pairs your car with a driver interested in going to the same destination for personal reasons. This option is more economical than truck-top shipping, but it will rack the miles onto your car and burn a lot more gas.

What’s your preferred method of transporting your car? Do you have a method or company to recommend?