Survive Fall Sports Season With These Storage Tips

Fall sports are great, but they also come with quite a bit of equipment, especially if you have kids who love hockey and football.

As the summer comes to an end, it won’t be long before your front entrance is suddenly filled with bags of hockey gear, football pads, and soccer cleats.

Most moms know this is a fact of life in many homes, but there are a few easy ways that any mom can take their house back from the piles of sports gear that might soon be taking over the common areas.

Use a Designated Area

When kids come home, a lot of them drop their stuff off the first place they set foot in the house and move on with their day. Unfortunately, not too many love climbing over piles of bags, cleats and packs while trying to get in and out of the house.

That is why having a designated sports bag drop off area is really important. Use a front hall closet, the basement or even an area of your garage where these items can be stored.

Make sure the kids know that their gear belongs in this spot. Not only is it going to make life a lot easier for those early mornings when you know exactly where the gear is, it will help remove some of the clutter.

Drying Rack

One of the biggest issues with sports that require a lot of pads, which can get quite ripe as the season goes on. The best solution to help keep that gear more manageable is to have a drying station in your home. The garage is a great spot for this.

A drying station can be quite simple, one can be made out of PVC piping, in fact. Or, if you are tight for space, consider hanging a simple pegboard and get strong hangers that will be able to hold all the gear.

Not only will will these stations help to air out all those pads, they will going to be able to keep all that gear in one place nice and neat.

Storage Unit

If all else fails, many of the big box stores in your area are going to sell pre-made storage units that are perfect for storing gear.

Some of them come looking like lockers, which can be tucked away in the basement or garage, or even your kids bedroom, depending on the decor. They will be attractive and offer just the right amount of the space for all the gear.

Other offer units that are made just for those extra items for sports gear like footballs, cleats, and hockey sticks. This takes some of the bigger and awkward sized items and allows them to be neatly stored.

Gear Storing Suggestions?

What are some of your best suggestions for storing all that fall sports equipment? Have you found a winning solution? Let us know in the comments!