Creative Uses for Coffee Filters

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 2:21pm by Jessica Johnson

Most people have coffee filters sitting around the house, just begging to be used in brewing up a nice cup of the finest dark roast. Little do they know that these little objects have the potential to help with so much more than giving us our daily caffeine fix.

In fact, coffee filters are one of the most useful items in any home considering that they’re relatively strong yet totally flexible and shaped to hold things.

Good Housekeeping has a nice list of possible uses:

  • Protect stacked plates and nonstick pots and pans by putting coffee filters between them.
  • Keep dishes clean by using coffee filters as a disposable bowl for snacks like popcorn.
  • Wrap a filter around your child’s taco shell or frozen pop to keep the drips off his shirt.
  • Use coffee filters to clean windows and mirrors.
  • Line your flowerpots with coffee filters to keep soil from falling through the holes.

This Old House has some other winners:

  • Store cast-iron skillets lined with filters to absorb excess moisture and prevent rust.
  • Keep your nails and screws organized as you work by sorting them into coffee filters.
  • Make an air freshener pouch from a coffee filter with baking soda or potpourri and string.
  • Strain the residue out of solvents like paint thinner by pouring it through a coffee filter.
  • Shine or buff your shoes with a coffee filter.

Real Simple also chimes in:

  • Put a coffee filter over your camera flash to create a softer light.
  • Place a coffee filter over your bowl as you heat up food in the microwave.
  • Use coffee filters as to-go wraps for pita sandwiches.

The Huffington Post has some other recommendations:

  • Scrub your counters with soapy coffee filters.
  • Make coffee filters into paper flowers or other types of decorations.
  • Absorb the extra grease off your pizza by dabbing with a coffee filter.

What are you favorite non-coffee uses for these versatile little tools?