Pinterest Favorites: Wine Storage and Display Ideas

Among the world’s storage challenges, wine holds a special place. Not only are wine bottles fragile, they are of a shape that doesn’t stack, and they must be kept in a dim place and at specified temperatures.

Not only that, but they must somehow be kept organized — there’s really nothing worse than being unable to locate that bottle 1990 Château Angelus Merlot when you want it.

The challenge is a serious one, but there are a whole lot of creative — and in many cases beautiful — ways to overcome it. Take a peek at these Pinterest pages to check out the best of them.

Masato Tochika focuses on state-of-the-art wine storage in high-end residences and fancy restaurants.

Wine Storage 1Colette Robicheau pins many eclectic ways of storing wines, such as under the floorboards of a boat and in a wine tree.

Vineyard Brands’ page features all manner of different kinds of wine storage, from circular to spiral and industrial to naturalistic.


Stacy Andell collects classic and rustic wine storage ideas, featuring cellars from antique to modern.

Nancy Hugo pins a lot of wine storage made of wood, whether in cellars, closets, or under the stairs.

Chris Floyd’s tastes for wine storage run to the grand and opulent, with a few humble old-world cellars thrown in.

Roel van Heeswijk focuses on eye-catching ways of storing large collections of wine in restaurants, stores, and homes.

BC Napa Valley Jazz Gateway’s page includes some usual ideas, like a wine rack made of spools and a spiral staircase lined with bottles.

Daphnee Alphonse collects some unique ideas, like a wine rack made of a log, a backsplash made of corks, and a wine cellar all lit up in blue.

How do you store your wine? What’s the most innovative wine storage solution you’ve seen?