RV Emergency Kit: How To Pack It

Posted on Sep 23 2013 - 12:08pm by Jessica Johnson

Plastic Storage Container Bin

Our previous posts on what to pack in an RV emergency kit and what to pack it in provided a whole lot of ideas, but not many specifics about what exactly this kit should look like when you’re through.

The best way to keep things organized is to pack a series of boxes, the smaller of which can go inside the big one. What you definitely don’t want is your little tire pressure gage and your extra socks all mixed up in the bottom of a huge box with your bottles of motor oil and your grimy jumper cables.

So here’s one way to go about packing this kit up. Into the bottom of your heavy-duty dry box, place all the heavy and bulky items, such as the shovel, jumper cables, tire chains, fire extinguisher, extra boots, and bottles of various fluids.

In a set of smaller boxes, pack the following:

Box 1: Tools, knife, duct and electrical tape, and WD-40

Box 2: Fuses and road flares

Box 3: Extra clothes, gloves, socks, and rain gear

Box 4: Canned food and other non-perishables, with can opener

Box 5: Several rolls of toilet paper

Box 6: First-aid kit

These smaller boxes should go into the heavy-duty dry box if they can fit. If these won’t all fit in the dry box, consider getting another medium or large plastic bin or dry box to hold a few of the smaller boxes and anything else you end up feeling you need to add.

The rest of the gear, such as sleeping bags, pillow, gallon jugs of water, and camping chairs, can be packed separately.

What is your favorite technique for packing a roadside emergency kit?