Bliss Kit Contest Winners: Creative Ways to Use Storage Boxes

Posted on Sep 20 2013 - 12:15pm by Emily Emmer

What would you do with 12 storage boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap and no limits on what you could do with them?  While most our customers use these to help with a move, we thought it would interesting to see what else people might do with a kit.

This summer we invited bloggers from across the country to participate in a “Bliss Box Contest” challenging them use our Moving Kit to create something unique, creative, or useful and to tell us about it.  Those who participated shared interesting pictures and stories about what they did with their “Bliss Kit.”

Bliss KitWe enjoyed reading all the stories about what people did when a set of boxes arrived on their doorstep!  Here are the highlights of a few of our favorite accounts of what these bloggers did with their “Bliss Kit.”

Summer Flood made some of the most adorable under-the-bed storage bins we’ve ever seen using just our boxes and some colorful duck tape.  Read how she did this on her blog A Mom Less Ordinary. When you see all the pictures and the easy instructions, you will want to try this project at home!

Bliss Box 1“I set off to come up with an easy, affordable solution for organizing my kids’ room.  Since they share a room right now, storage solutions are tricky. Two unique and truly individual children equals a lot of “stuff.” The only extra space I could find in their room was under their beds, so rather than buy under bed storage bins, I made my own with Extra Space Storage Large Moving Boxes. Each Large Moving Box was the perfect size to cut and make two under bed boxes!”

under bed 1under bed 2Jessica Escobar doesn’t consider herself  “crafty” but tapped into her daughter’s creativity to come up with not one but many fun projects with the all these boxes.  She created a Barbie world, made a colorful tunnel and said they had the most fun using the boxes for “Texas-style sledding” down grassy slopes.  You can read about her bliss kit adventures on Just Jess in ATX.

box1box2box3Heather St. Clair was looking forward to using the Bliss Kit for some family fun but her kids were just too excited to wait.  When she left the house one evening she came back to find her kids had used the boxes to create their own private spaces (think box car children sans car in your living room) and later into a fantastic fort.  Heather said “All they wanted to do, and all they talked about doing, for three days involved a set of boxes from Extra Space Storage. Who knew?”   Read her whole hilarious  account on her blog  Desperately Seeking Sanity.

boxes1 boxes3Have you ever used storage boxes for something other than storage and moving?  What would you if we sent you a large assortment of boxes?