RV Emergency Kit: What To Pack It In

Posted on Sep 13 2013 - 8:17pm by Jessica Johnson


Our previous post on what to pack in an RV emergency kit might have left readers with the image of a pile of stuff and nothing to put it all in. Indeed, there are a lot of bits and pieces needed make sure you’re ready for any eventuality on the road. But that doesn’t mean you need to have a mess on your hands.


So what’s the best box or container for all the diverse things an RV emergency kit requires? How do you keep it all organized, not to mention dry and in good condition?

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An effective solution is to use a sport utility dry box, like this sportsman’s box with a pull-out upper level or this military-style ammo can. However, if you’d like to fit everything required for the RV emergency kit into one vessel, an extra-large locking box, like this heavy-duty number of Plano, might be your best bet. Other possibilities include this one by Rubbermaid, and smaller and larger ones by Stanley. This one by Keter slides apart for easy access to everything inside.


You can organize things best by putting smaller containers inside your large container. You can use smaller dry boxes, this like this one by OtterBox, or less impenetrable boxes like regular plastic bins of various sizes. A set of these Sterlite clip boxes can hold things that are too small, fragile, or perishable to be dumped into the larger storage box with the heavier items.

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Our next post will discuss how exactly to pack this all-important kit.

What do you use to pack supplies for storage in the car? Do you have a certain type of box you swear by?


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