3 Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 12:15pm by Dayna Hathaway

It’s a fact: school supplies costs more and more every year. However, you don’t have to tap in to your 401K just to stock up on all the essentials this year. Just take a few simple steps that will save you some cash.

Shop at Home

Before you head out to the store, make sure to see what you can find at home. You’d be surprised at what you can find with just a little digging. Chances are you have a few pencils, glue sticks and crayons that have piled up over the years. Check your child’s back to school list and try to find as many items as you can. Get the kids involved – it’s like a scavenger hunt. The more items you can find, the more you’ll save.

DIY Your School Supplies

If you or your little ones like to craft, make your own school supplies from the comfort of your home. Check out these 37 DIY school supply crafts for creative ideas and inspiration. Make your own book protectors, notebook organizers and more! With a little dedication and craftiness, your extra special DIY creations will look much better (and more expensive) than their store-bought versions.

Shop Late

Although stores feature back-to-school sales a few weeks before school start, they hike up the prices of supplies right before the start of the school year. However, after school starts, those same stores will slash their prices in order to move their merchandise quickly. If you’ve already missed the back-to-school sales, wait until after school has begun. Send your kids to school with the absolute essentials on the first day (which you hopefully found in the bottom of your junk drawer) and shop the following week. Your children will also have a better idea of exactly what they need after the first week, so you’ll having to make multiple trips to the store.

Make this school year a successful one for both your wallet and your children by shopping smart. You don’t need to purchase everything brand new. Forage for supplies at home or DIY your supplies. Then shop the clearance sales.