Long-Term Travel Self Storage Tips

movingIf you happen to be travelling or moving to a far away location, then you will need to deal with all your belongings in the best way possible. You will have to downsize and cut away a lot of what you own so you can make the move, especially if you don’t plan on leaving a home behind. In many cases you’ll be able to leave some of your belongings with family or friends, letting them use them or even giving them away completely, however in many others you will have to deal with storage space on your own. The following tips will give you some knowledge on how you can prepare yourself for that day. We begin with the first on our list:

Choosing Self-Storage

One of the first things you have to do with your efforts is to figure out which local company has the most cost-effective solution for your needs. If you happen to be living in a large city, it would be wisest if you choose a storage unit located near a major street or even a highway, which will give you ease of access at all times. There is more than that though, since properties outside city limits will also be cheaper, therefore its prices will also be cheaper.

Downsizing Your Belongings

Once you have chosen the location of the storage unit you will need to rid yourself of things that won’t be used by you at all. Any large pieces of furniture that you know you won’t need should go, allowing someone else to make use of them. You can use classifieds websites to get the job done or you can organize a yard sale. Alternately, you can just donate them to a charity so you can pass through the process faster. If you are doing the yard sale remember to keep prices more than affordable so you won’t have to wait for buyers. The main idea is to get something out of the whole ordeal so you can counteract the expenses of your move. Get a receipt from charities so you can get tax write-offs if they are possible where you live.

Packing Phase

Once you are done with the downsizing part of your preparations you should pay attention to the packing of everything that’s left for storage. One of the most important moments here is labeling it so you’ll know what goes where later on. Make sure you do that in a way that will allow you easy access once they have been delivered to their final destination. Having a good inventory list on site will help you organize things and find where everything is whenever you need to enter the storage unit after hiring it.

Moving things in

Once every preparation is complete you will need to move everything to its final destination. One thing you need to remember when you’re storing things is to avoid overstuffing and making the stacked boxes too high. This will only serve to make them more unstable and dangerous for anything you’ve stored inside and yourself as well while you make your way around the storage unit. Remember to always stack heavy boxes on the bottom so you will have a nice, stable base to work with.

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