Amazing Fall DIY Decorating Projects


  Autumn is one of the best decoration seasons — so many beautiful colors and interesting shapes in leaves and gourds, so many textures to work with. It’s a DIY crafter’s dream. Thinking of doing a little decorating this fall but don’t know where to start? There are so many options it’s worth breaking them down into categories. Here are neat ways to highlight different elements of the season.   Pumpkin projects These easy fabric pumpkins can also be called yo-yo pumpkins. These playful fabric pumpkins can double as toys for kids. These no-sew fabric pumpkins are ideal for the crafting novice. Gourd projects These gourd vases just … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Wine Storage and Display Ideas

Wine Storage 1

Among the world’s storage challenges, wine holds a special place. Not only are wine bottles fragile, they are of a shape that doesn’t stack, and they must be kept in a dim place and at specified temperatures. Not only that, but they must somehow be kept organized — there’s really nothing worse than being unable to locate that bottle 1990 Château Angelus Merlot when you want it. The challenge is a serious one, but there are a whole lot of creative — and in many cases beautiful — ways to overcome it. Take a peek at these Pinterest pages to check out the best of them. Masato Tochika … [More]

In Orlando, New Storage Offers Convenience and Safety

Orlando, Florida

Orlando may be best known as the home of Mickey and the gang, but it’s also a really nice place to live. Its map is so sprinkled with lakes it looks polka dotted. And green space abounds. Yet the city has all the urban amenities city-dwellers require. Like, for instance, good storage facilities. Especially now that Extra Space has opened its new building on N. Orange Blossom Trail, there are plenty of options for socking away that extra stuff. One of the company’s most downtown facilities, the new location offers supreme convenience and excellent safety. The N. Orange Blossom Trail facility is located a stone’s throw from the … [More]

RV Emergency Kit: How To Pack It

Plastic Storage Container Bin

Our previous posts on what to pack in an RV emergency kit and what to pack it in provided a whole lot of ideas, but not many specifics about what exactly this kit should look like when you’re through. The best way to keep things organized is to pack a series of boxes, the smaller of which can go inside the big one. What you definitely don’t want is your little tire pressure gage and your extra socks all mixed up in the bottom of a huge box with your bottles of motor oil and your grimy jumper cables. So here’s one way to go about packing this … [More]

Bliss Kit Contest Winners: Creative Ways to Use Storage Boxes

Bliss Kit

What would you do with 12 storage boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap and no limits on what you could do with them?  While most our customers use these to help with a move, we thought it would interesting to see what else people might do with a kit. This summer we invited bloggers from across the country to participate in a “Bliss Box Contest” challenging them use our Moving Kit to create something unique, creative, or useful and to tell us about it.  Those who participated shared interesting pictures and stories about what they did with their “Bliss Kit.” We enjoyed reading all the stories about what … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Autumn Home Decor

Autumn Home Decor

Fall is around the corner, and with the chilly air comes the opportunity to decorate your home using bright autumn colors and more pumpkins than you can shake a stick at. Pinterest is, as always, a treasure trove of ideas. Browsing the fall home décor pages is enough to make you long for a cool autumn night and a big slice of pumpkin pie. Here are some of the most thought-provoking boards about autumn home decorating. Happy fall! Karen Crooks pins an eclectic mix of wreaths, signage, floral projects, quilts, and other seasonal treats. Donna Foster’s page focuses on the many ways to use pumpkins in decorating; for … [More]

RV Emergency Kit: What To Pack It In

Auto Camper. Motor Home

  Our previous post on what to pack in an RV emergency kit might have left readers with the image of a pile of stuff and nothing to put it all in. Indeed, there are a lot of bits and pieces needed make sure you’re ready for any eventuality on the road. But that doesn’t mean you need to have a mess on your hands.   So what’s the best box or container for all the diverse things an RV emergency kit requires? How do you keep it all organized, not to mention dry and in good condition?   An effective solution is to use a sport utility … [More]

3 Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies

School Supplies

It’s a fact: school supplies costs more and more every year. However, you don’t have to tap in to your 401K just to stock up on all the essentials this year. Just take a few simple steps that will save you some cash. Shop at Home Before you head out to the store, make sure to see what you can find at home. You’d be surprised at what you can find with just a little digging. Chances are you have a few pencils, glue sticks and crayons that have piled up over the years. Check your child’s back to school list and try to find as many items … [More]

Long-Term Travel Self Storage Tips


If you happen to be travelling or moving to a far away location, then you will need to deal with all your belongings in the best way possible. You will have to downsize and cut away a lot of what you own so you can make the move, especially if you don’t plan on leaving a home behind. In many cases you’ll be able to leave some of your belongings with family or friends, letting them use them or even giving them away completely, however in many others you will have to deal with storage space on your own. The following tips will give you some knowledge on … [More]

RV Emergency Kit: What To Pack

Truck and trailer crossing a river

In an ideal world, every vehicle would have an emergency kit stowed in back. In reality, most drivers keep nothing more than a spare, a jack, and maybe some jumper cables. Either that or a AAA card. RV owners can’t get away with that kind of blasé attitude. RVs really cover the miles; something is sure to go wrong eventually when you’re on the road for days or weeks at a time. It’s important to have not only emergency vehicle repair equipment on hand, but also important articles to help you survive in remote areas or in cold temperatures. offers a quality emergency kit checklist that will … [More]