Our First Complete Interior Retrofit for LED Fixtures

Posted on Aug 28 2013 - 8:06pm by Brent Hardy


I’m happy to report that we’ve just finished a complete interior retrofit for adding LED fixtures at our La Porte storage facility in Texas. While you may have already read about the exterior LED lighting at many of our storage properties, this is our first time to add interior LED lights throughout a storage property, and I’m very proud of the work our team has done.


Adding LED fixtures means that things are certainly going to be much brighter at this property, both in terms of energy savings and light. For our retrofit, we removed four fluorescent T12 magnetic ballast fixtures, 10 fluorescent T8 electronic ballast fixtures, and 61 metal halide 400-watt fixtures. We replaced these fixtures with 73 energy-efficient high flux LED surface mount fixtures from US Brite.


This complete interior retrofit is an investment that will yield savings for many years to come, as well as lower our carbon footprint. If you’re considering adding LED fixtures to your home or property, you’ll be even more interested to read about all of the advantages we’ve gained with this retrofit.


LED lighting at our La Porte, Texas Extra Space Storage

LED lighting at our La Porte, Texas Extra Space Storage


Long, Bright Life of LED

With our new LED fixtures, we can expect almost eight years of continuous use before the lights dim just 15 percent! If you want to get a little more technical about it, they’re rated L85 for calculated life, which equals 70,000 hours.


Lowered Wattage, Higher Savings

The new fixtures use just 99 watts, which is a quarter of the 400 watts of the metal halide fixtures we removed. Based on a kilowatt-hour (kWh) cost of 10 cents, we’re projecting an annual savings of $14,550 at this facility, all from switching over to LED!


LED Makes it Easier to Keep it Cool

Since LED fixtures emit very little heat compared to the metal halide fixtures, it’s even easier and less expensive to keep climate control units cool. Taking this into account, our projected savings from adding the interior LED lights is even greater than the figure above.



Less Maintenance, Greater Savings

While the electrical savings is enough to make LED fixtures a winner, our maintenance savings are a big bonus. With the setup at La Porte Extra Space Storage, changing bulbs or ballasts meant renting a lift, which would cost hundred of dollars.

Now, with LED, all those maintenance headaches are gone. There are no bulbs to “go out,” and the LED fixtures are covered under a parts and labor warranty. Our maintenance staff is free to focus on other areas!


Motion Sensors Add to Savings

Before this retrofit, the lights at this newly acquired property were on from about 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., but now they’re operated with motion sensors, so they’re on only when needed. Even though LED lights use little energy, having them on only when necessary adds to the energy savings.


While this La Porte Extra Space Storage is one of the first properties to receive this complete interior retrofit, we hope to implement interior LED retrofits in more properties in years to come. In fact, we’re also working on a complete interior retrofit for an Extra Space Storage in California!


Are you surprised by the energy savings made possible by LED fixtures? Have you considered switching fluorescent fixtures for LED fixtures?