Unique BBQ Tools

Posted on Aug 19 2013 - 6:02pm by Jessica Johnson

Ah, summer! The mercury is rising and the smell of grilling meat is in the air. No doubt you’ve already fired up your own grill and are eagerly planning your next session over the coals.

But before you get knee-deep in hot dogs and hamburgers, consider whether you’ve really got the right—or at least the most creative—tools for the job.

The Internet is a treasure trove of interesting BBQ accessories just waiting for appreciative owners. Check out these quirky finds.

Crafty Tools on Etsy

Ox Brand Forge makes a series of creative tool sets, including the Gladiator BBQ Set made of twisted steel, the Wave BBQ Set with swirly accents, and the Knuckle BBQ Set with twirled handles and a copper spatula.

Photo via OxBrandForge

Hockey Stick Stuff makes a set of BBQ tools made out of hockey sticks.

Photo credit HockeyStickStuff

RusticCraft Design offers personalized BBQ tools engraved with a message of your choice.

Odd and Useful Grilling Tools

Don’t miss this BBQ sword for cooking sausages or marshmallows over coals or an open flame.

Photo via Amazon.com

Have a little fun with this personalized BBQ branding iron – make your meat tell a message, or tag it with your name.

Photo via Amazon.com

Get scientific about your grilling with this set of digital thermometer-equipped BBQ tongs.

Photo via Amazon.com

Save space with this Cuisinart folding BBQ tool set.

Photo via BBQguys.com

Photo via BBQguys.com

Tools for Grilling Many Things

Slabs of meat aren’t the only things you grill, of course. Here are handy tools for all the rest of it.

For smaller burgers, check out this sliders grill set. To perfect your BBQ chicken, snag this chicken wing and leg BBQ rack. Get your rib on with this BBQ rotisserie. And do your kabobs in style with these skewers topped by little sea creatures.

Photo via Amazon.com

For the non-meat elements of your meal, try this corn-on-the-cob grilling tool, this jalapeno poppers grilling rack, and this grill-top garlic roaster.

Photo via Amazon.com

What are your favorite grilling accessories?