Why It’s Important to Get 3 Moving Estimates

Posted on Aug 14 2013 - 2:24pm by Guest Contributor



You’ve heard of the rule of three, right? It holds true in math, writing, photography, and certainly doesn’t exclude the process of moving. To throw in another analogy, when you’re shopping for a dress, or a refrigerator, you do not settle on the first one you see. When interviewing babysitters, people feel more confident in their decision if they interview a few more, even after they’ve found someone that seems great. Similarly, the moving process involves talking with at least three different companies to get an estimate.


As part of your checklist for moving, getting three moving estimates will provide you with the necessary room to make the right decision. You will want to compare multiple elements when you get the estimate like pricing, perceived reputation of the moving company, the professionalism of the moving company representative, and the receptiveness to your questions.


Here are some important questions to ask when you get the estimate from the moving company:

  • How do you price the move and what is the price?
  • Is this a binding or non-binding estimate?
  • Who and how many movers will be arriving on moving day and what should I expect?
  • What is the expected tip that I should give the movers and when should I give that to them?
  •  How long has your moving company been in business?
  • What kinds of precaution does your company take to minimize claims?

By speaking to more than one moving company, you will encounter different opinions and approaches to your move. You may find some new ideas regarding packing your belongings and moving furniture from home to home. Approaching different companies will maximize the advice you get for your move, which is never something to pass up. You will also gain exposure to a variety of companies, affording you the vital understanding of how different movers work.

Moveboxer1The obvious benefit of multiple moving estimates is landing on an ideal price that you and the movers agree on and feeling confident with the team that will be handling your belongings. You don’t want to be tricked into overpaying or underpaying and needing to file a claim if something bad happens.

Marina Vernovsky is a writer for Moveboxer.com. Moveboxer matches people up with reputable movers and helps line up all details for their move, such as storage, boxes, supplies, and car transport.