Camping Essentials – building your basic gear stash, and then some!

Me at a relatively hidden and totally beautiful river bend near Pothole Dome at Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park.

  Kim Rohrer blogs at Kim’s Kitchen Sink about everything interesting including things like knitting, gardening, baking, technology, and friendship.   A few weeks ago, I gave y’all a detailed list (with photos) of the contents of my super awesome camping box. That post will help you maximize your efficiency when it comes to packing for camping trips, and hey, since it’s so easy, maybe you’ll find yourself camping more often! But there are a few areas I didn’t cover with that post…clothing, food, hiking gear, bug spray…oh yeah. Things you need. Or maybe, not always things you need, but things that you might want. Or things that … [More]

8 Little Known Ways to Save on Home Improvement


  In a perfect world we’d all have millions to use in renovating our homes. Shabby bathrooms would magically become luxurious spas. Grungy kitchens would transform into bright, state-of-the-art cuisines. But in the world we live in, most of us have to make do with much lower-budget fixes. Thank goodness you can still do a lot to improve your abode with a limited budget. Here are eight great ideas for sprucing things up without going broke or exhausting yourself. 1. Fix up your front door. Either get a new door or invest in a couple cans of paint for the door and the trim. A neat, new knocker … [More]

Stylish Storage- 10 Fantastic Ideas!


  Storage doesn’t have to mar the elegance of your abode. There are plenty of stylish ways to stow your stuff. Here are ten ideas.   1. Hide it in a bench. Benches can hide a multitude of things. Try putting drawers inside a bench or window seat or install benches with lidded tops.   2. Get basket storage. Baskets are pretty and useful. Place wicker baskets on below-sink shelves to hold toiletries, on bookshelves in the study to house odds and ends, or on the kitchen counter to keep useful ingredients.   3. Put drawers to use. How to outfit a small kitchen? This Old House suggests installing pull-out pantry units in … [More]

DIY Outdoor Fun


A backyard can be many things: a showroom for perfectly maintained grass, the setting for a lazy hammock, the context for a charcoal grill. These are all great, but really your yard isn’t living up to its potential if it isn’t a site for fun, fun, and more fun. The options are endless. Need ideas? Here are some great ones. Games Backyards are perfect for games of all kinds, even giant versions of your favorite board games, like giant Scrabble and super-sized checkers. Lawn games are also called for. Try a DIY ring toss game, a simple bean bag toss, giant pick-up sticks, or a pipe ball lawn … [More]

4 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Couple outside new home

During your move, you will undoubtedly be looking for ways to decrease costs. Besides “perks” like the points you earn for gift cards and discounts when you plan your move with Moveboxer, there are other ways to save money on your move. Below are a few tips for doing just that through the various stages of you move. 1. Plan Ahead Shop around well in advance for movers and other services you will need. Decide whether you will be working with full-service or self-service movers, or renting a truck and taking care of it yourself. Call various companies and get quotes as soon as possible. Take note of … [More]

Just When You Were Thinking Arizona Couldn’t Get Any Better

Arizona Sign

  If you don’t mind the heat, Arizona is a great place to live. From the peaceful vistas of Flagstaff to the bustling action of Phoenix, Arizona is a state to make all the rest of us jealous. Well, it turns out the Grand Canyon state just got a little bit better. Extra Space Storage has opened two spanking new facilities to provide expanded storage possibilities to the state’s fine residents: one in Mesa and one in Chandler. The new storage facility at 5510 E. Southern Avenue in Mesa is easily accessed from U.S. 60 (a.k.a. Superstition Freeway) and State Route 202 (a.k.a. Red Mountain Freeway). The area … [More]

Why It’s Important to Get 3 Moving Estimates


  You’ve heard of the rule of three, right? It holds true in math, writing, photography, and certainly doesn’t exclude the process of moving. To throw in another analogy, when you’re shopping for a dress, or a refrigerator, you do not settle on the first one you see. When interviewing babysitters, people feel more confident in their decision if they interview a few more, even after they’ve found someone that seems great. Similarly, the moving process involves talking with at least three different companies to get an estimate.   Getting three moving estimates will provide you with the necessary room to make the right decision. You will want … [More]

College Dorm Prep Guide: Moving Day!


  Things have changed a lot since I went to college, back in the days of the floppy disk. While I carried a paperback dictionary with me in my backpack, a dictionary app can do the job now. Instead of taking a space-hogging alarm clock, a mobile phone will work just fine for waking you up. And thanks to digital music, there’s no longer a need to pack a stereo and CDs. However, there are still a few things that your mobile phone can’t do, no matter how smart it is!   I’ve made some lists of things you’ll need when moving into a dorm room. Before we … [More]

Aerial Parks: A New History of Old Rail Lines

Plants at High Line. Image by David Berkowitz

  There are many names for green spaces built on old rail lines: rail-trail, linear park, elevated park and aerial park, or linear greenway, aerial garden …. You get the idea! I can’t decide which one sounds best, so I’ll mix things up a bit.   While people use many names to describe these unique elevated parks, they’re a relatively new creation borne of the need to do something useful with abandoned rail lines in big cities. Aerial gardens and trails are a great solution. After all, big cities need every bit of green space they can get, especially when it comes to fighting the heat island effect. So, … [More]

How to “Go Green” With Your Move


Moving, the way it’s typically done, is a very wasteful activity. Moving a house can take as many as 90 disposable boxes and thousands of square feet of bubble wrap. That’s not to mention the emissions from the trucks that haul your stuff around the landscape. It doesn’t have to be that way. Green moving is on the way up. Mother Nature Network tells us the story of Mark Ehrhardt, president of Movers Not Shakers, a green moving company with trucks that run on biodiesel. Stuck in traffic behind a delivery truck that was using plastic crates to transport goods, Ehrhardt realized that getting even greener was always … [More]