At Last, Back To School Organizing Tips

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 11:08pm by Dayna Hathaway

Back to school season is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you dread the chaos that comes with it. The laidback routine of summer falls by the wayside as everyone in the house files in all directions. Make your back to school season a little saner with these organizing tips:

Create a Homework Station

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Kids need a quiet, well-organized place where they can focus on their homework without interruption. Set up a homework station in a place that has good lighting and enough room to spread out. Keep the station well-stocked with supplies like pencils, markers, loose leaf paper and glue sticks. Use jars, bins, and file folders to keep the space organized.

Make a Family Calendar

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Place a large, dry-erase calendar at a central location in your house. Include all your family’s after-school activities, school programs and volunteer work. Assign a different color to each family member and reserve one color for appointments involving the entire family. Review the calendar each morning to make sure you never miss a single activity.

Makeover Your Entryway

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Organize your entryway to make for a smooth exit each morning. Cut down on the piles of clutter that gather in this space and create a space for each of your children to place their backpacks and daily gear. You can use cubbies, hooks, wicker baskets – or whatever works for you. Here are even more tips from on creating a stellar entryway.

Do Your Homework the Night Before

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That’s right, even moms have homework. Make your mornings easier by preparing as much as you can the night before. Lay out outfits for the next day, pack the backpacks, and fill the coffee maker (programmed to brew a fresh cup in the a.m. if you have a timer). Or, check out some healthy breakfast ideas you can make the night before.

Start the school year off right – with less stress – by staying organized. Sometimes, a well-organized house means a less chaotic life. Give these tips a try this back-to-school season and see if your days go a little smoother.