Friend Fridays

Posted on Jul 22 2013 - 7:00am by Jessica Johnson

Last year, my friend Anna wrote an article for organizing summer with kids.  It was so fun, I asked her if she had any new ideas for this summer and she did! Here is part five of the Summer Fun by the Weekday series – Jessica Johnson

Most of our week is spent doing chores, reading, and having a fun family activity. Sometimes there is little time for playing with friends—maybe an hour here or there. We like to dedicate our Fridays to really playing with friends.

I’ve compiled a few tips for your Friend Fridays below.

Friends are always fun to play with in the summer, but I have found that it can get out of control some times. If we have a day dedicated to friends coming over, we have more family time and the friend time is even more fun. Try one of these summertime parties with friends (no birthday necessary):

We also like to play video games, go check out the dollar movies, make cookies, and play “street games” or “night games” with our friends. Here our some of our favorite street games:

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Am I missing any?

Letting Go

I love to have a lot of the summer mapped out before it begins, but I also know the trick to a happy summer is to LET GO! If we want to go to the movies on Thursday (and not with a coupon—ha!) or have friends over on Tuesday, who really cares? We will roll with the punches, but having some idea always helps things run more smoothly. As long as the kids have clean rooms and are reading a lot of books!

What are your favorite parties for kids in the summer? Do you have a dedicated friend day? What are your fun weekly summer plans like this year?