Meet Your Storage Needs When Your Heart’s in a Historic Home

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 9:33pm by Dayna Hathaway


If you’ve visited a historic area like Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, you’ve likely had your sandals charmed right off your feet as you walked down the brick sidewalks. No matter where they’re located, there’s just something about historic homes that tugs at the heart.


I’m not sure whether our love for historic homes is about preserving history, or just about adoring houses that don’t look like those built in the last 50 years. By the way, the National Park Service, which runs the National Register for Historic Places, says that a property can be considered historic if it’s 50 or more years old. Yet, many historic homes are much, much older. Some of the historic homes in Old Town Alexandria date back to the late 1700’s!


Alexandria, Virginia historic home photo by Zimoku Woodpile/flickr

Alexandria, Virginia historic home photo by Zimoku Woodpile/flickr



Whether a historic home rests in charming Alexandria, Virginia, in nearby Arlington, Maryland, or anywhere in the U.S., chances are it may not come with as much closet space as you may like. But there’s no need to give up on your dream of living in a historic home. There are lots of ways to increase your storage space within a historic home.


Increase Storage Space in Your Kitchen

  • Transform your kitchen with floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets. They will dramatically increase your storage space for food and other kitchen essentials.
  • Install towel bars with s-hooks underneath kitchen cabinets located above the sink, or on an empty wall. Use the hooks to store frequently used items like measuring spoons or small pots. You can make use of s-hooks inside cabinets too!
  • Find a unique ceiling rack for pots and pans. Old wooden ladders and vintage sleds make interesting pot racks!



Add Storage Space in Your Living Room 

  • Put your wall space to work with floating shelves. Place decorative wooden boxes on the shelves, and use them to store items you don’t consider beautiful enough to showcase.
  • Add storage bins under skirted furniture. Flat under-the-bed storage bins aren’t just for the bedroom!


Expand Your Storage Space in Other Areas

  • Make up for the lack of a coat closet. Place coat racks in hallways and behind doors in bedrooms.
  • Explore the space under your stairs. If you have a closed stairwell, talk to a construction professional about converting that space into a closet.


Wherever you need more storage space in your historic home, I hope you find a great solution!


How have you tackled lack of storage space in historic homes? Have you completed an interesting DIY project to give yourself more storage space?


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