5 Great Summer DIY Projects

Posted on Jul 5 2013 - 10:10pm by Jessica Johnson


Long summer afternoons are the perfect time to do some delayed home improvements. While you’re at it, considering taking on an extra project or two to add a little something special to your home or yard.

Here are a few good ideas—ranging from easy to difficult—to keep you busy.

1. Make a striped doorway with washi tape. If you’ve always dreamed of spicing up your doorframes with a little color but have shied away due to time constraints or the hassle of having to paint it back again eventually, here’s the project for you. Make a striped pattern using a series of colorful tapes to give your room a special something. And when you’re over it, peel it right off.

5 Great Summer DIY Projects

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2. Install a raised garden. MSN Real Estate estimates this project will take you five hours and cost several hundred dollars. Five hours seems surprisingly short for a project like this, but I’m no carpenter. And maybe once you enlist the help of a friend or two, per the instructions, the beds practically raise themselves.

5 Great Summer DIY Projects

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3. Build an outdoor shower. The website Sunset gives this a 3 in difficulty on a 1-10 scale, but considering that we’re dealing with plumbing here, I call their bluff. Even so, the project doesn’t have that many parts or steps, and if you’re handier than me maybe it is all relatively easy. Regardless, outdoor showers are fabulous, so don’t be scared away!

5 Great Summer DIY Projects

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4. Put in a water garden pond. TLC tells us that installing one of these is “simpler than most people think.” I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and recommend that homeowners looking for something special to spruce up their yard this summer give this a shot.

5 Great Summer DIY Projects

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5. Make your own fire pit. This project, designed for the ambitious, involves scrounging the metal basin from an old, broken washing machine and then bending, cutting, and drilling metal. Spray painting comes next, and finally making the fire. (And then, at long last, the s’mores.)

5 Great Summer DIY Projects

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What other DIY home improvements have caught your eye? Do you plan to do anything special to spruce up your home this summer?

5 Great Summer DIY Projects

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